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Custom Printed 13x13 Canopy with Custom Back Wall

How to Use a Printed Canopy as a School Tent?


Whether for charitable drives or tailgating events, the schools, colleges and universities have been using custom printed canopy tents within their premise for many years. Conventionally, canopies were used to provide shade and act as venues for orientation, senior-fresher mixers, prom nights and sporting events. However, with social distancing becoming the norm in wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, these nifty outdoor shelters…

x6 velocity 10′ x 20′ print package 3 with fence wrap

Small Business Owner’s Guide to Curbside Pickup Services Underneath a Canopy Tent


The pandemic turned the world upside down. It did not just affect the well-being of people but also upended businesses, supply chains and jobs all across the world. As many as 62% of small business owners think that 2021 is going to be even worse for their business. Another 55% of businesses need to modify the layout of their workspaces to make room for…

A variety of Plain Colour Folding Marquee



“Think of a canopy as your wingman. You can do business together, share a beer or two, go on trips and even introduce it to your family!” – Greg McMahon, Managing Director, Extreme Canopy Instant canopy tents are versatile shade and shelter solutions. No matter where you set up your tent, it protects you from the unpleasant outdoor trifecta of…

hot rod specialties, indianapolis weight plates printed 3x6m 02

Can You Fit a Car Under a 10×20 Popup Canopy?


The excitement with which we bring a brand-new car home is similar to parenthood. We vow to guard our car against every scratch and dent that it could possibly come across. But day after day, the withering effects of harsh environmental conditions and several other external factors make our car lose its new-like glory, and we can’t help but witness…

05 shop alpha product gallery

Top 5 Reasons to Select an Inflatable Tent for Your Next Event


Inflatable tents have been there for quite some time now, and although they are not a completely new concept, they have gained a lot of popularity in recent years. Thanks to technological advancements, inflatable canopy tents have become a much more reliable and convenient solution for outdoor shading requirements. A great choice for brand promotion at events as well as to go…

4mx6m folding marquee 03

Why Choose 13×20 Custom Tent for Commercial Applications?


One of the key things to consider when you are shopping for an outdoor tent is the size. Whether you are buying it for a business event to promote your brand or for a private party to celebrate with your loved ones on a special occasion, you always want to ensure that you are getting the right size so you have proper…

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