Instant Canopy

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Inflatable Range

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Semi-Permanent Tents

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Umbrella Range

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Star Shades & Arch

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Banner & Promotional

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Adventure Rangedesert shade 270

Pergola Rangee2000 motorized pergola

EXTREME CANOPY RESOURCE CENTER: Your hub for all things canopy


Our resource center is where you can find access any of the necessary companion documentation to our product range. Each product range has five resource categories to make finding the information you are looking for easier. The Brochure category contains advertising and promotional material relating to the products. The certificate category contains any information relating to structural, wind and fire ratings. The Instructions category includes information pertaining to the setup of our products. Specs includes all the technical specifications for each range. Templates includes all the files necessary for supplying artwork for custom printing our products.

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Resources Center umbrella range
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