Creating a Unique Event with Custom Inflatable Event Tents

If you are attending an event or putting one on, you want to leave an impression. Standing out at your next event will help increase exposure and recognition for your organization, ultimately leading to increased action from potential customers and clients. While there are several great ways to stand out at any event, one of the biggest and most important is using creative, eye-catching shelter. The shelter you use at your event space can attract the eyes of potential customers and keep them in your space while they learn more about your goods and services. Though there are many types of shelter that can be used at events, we’re going to focus on one: custom inflatable event tents.

As one of the industry’s newest and most exciting types of shelter, custom inflatable event tents have a number of benefits for those looking to do more at any event. Below, our event shelter experts discuss the many advantages of custom inflatable event tents, showcasing several unique aspects of these creative shelter solutions and providing tips to help users get the most out of their custom inflatable event tents.


What are Custom Inflatable Event Tents?

Custom inflatable event tents are free-standing, portable shelter solutions that can be used at events large and small. As their name suggests, these tents are inflatable, which means they use air instead of metal or plastic frames as their support beams. This makes them flexible and resilient. It also gives manufacturers the ability to manufacture these tents in a wide range of creative, eye-catching shapes. Certain manufacturers offer custom manufacturing options so clients can custom order their inflatable tents in the exact shapes and sizes they desire.


Advantages of Custom Inflatable Event Tents

Searching for shelter to use at your next event? Custom inflatable event tents are an excellent choice. These portable, durable, easy-to-set-up and creatively shaped shelter solutions are sure to stand out and withstand virtually any weather. Here are just some of the many advantages of custom inflatable tents:

Tear Resistant

Most events host large amounts of people, and many take place outdoors. Crowds and climate-related factors can pose structural stress on shelter at any event, which is why the shelter you choose should be durable enough to handle anything that comes its way. Made with high-tech thermoplastic polyurethane with sleeve fabric framework, the inflatable tents manufactured here at Extreme Canopy are incredibly tear-resistant. When inflated to capacity, they are also sturdy without being overly-rigid, making them a great choice for any event setting.


Easy Setup

While other event tents require some assembly and heavy-lifting, inflatable tents require almost no effort to set up. Simply carry your uninflated tent to its location, turn on the included electric pump and watch as your tent sets itself up. Pack-out is just as simple: Deflate your tent with your electric pump and carry it away.



If portability is a priority for your event-related needs, you’ll be happy to know that inflatable tents are available in small sizes great for any event space. Even larger inflatable tents are still quite portable: Once uninflated, they can be folded and stored in vehicles and other storage areas with ease.


Shapes and Sizes

We’ve already mentioned that inflatable tents are available in portable sizes great for small events and other uses—but their exceptional range of shapes and sizes doesn’t stop there. Since inflatable tents use air for their structural support, they are not limited by the manufacturing constraints necessary for tents with metal or plastic frames. Put simply, the “frames” for inflatable tents can come in virtually any shape and size imaginable. This gives them incredible versatility, and, in the case of many finished products, unparalleled eye-catching appeal.


Other Custom Options

Size and shape aside, some manufacturers offer other custom options for their inflatable tents. Most notable among these custom options are custom printing and color options, which allow you to outfit the exterior of your inflatable tent with custom text, graphics and/or photographs. You can also pick and choose the color of your tent to fit your organization and event.


Tips for Using a Custom Inflatable Event Tent at Your Next Event

Whether you are thinking about investing in a custom inflatable tent or have already invested in one for your next event, you want to be sure that you are using your investment to its fullest. Here are few tips to help you get the most out of your custom inflatable event tent for your next event.

Opt for Interesting Colors and Eye-Catching Graphics

The best way to attract potential customers and visitors to your tent is to attract them with eye-catching visuals. Since custom inflatable tents are available with custom color and branding options, outfit your new inflatable tent with interesting colors and eye-catching graphics.


Choose Unique Tent Shapes

Extreme Marquees & Slaughter Inflatable

Beyond colors and graphics, inflatable tents can attract visitors like no other type of tent can thanks to their many unique shapes. When ordering an inflatable tent, choose a unique tent shape to attract attention and increase exposure at your event.


Invest in Several Inflatble Tents to Create and Immersive Environment

Why stop at just one inflatable tent? If you’re responsible for putting together an entire event, make it one to remember by making as many tents as possible inflatable. This will create a unique, immersive experience that will make your event a hit for all those who attend.


Learn More and Shop Custom Inflatable Event Tents at Extreme Canopy

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