Your Party Tent Buying Guide

Throwing a party? Investing in a high-quality party tent (or two) is a great way to create ambiance and keep your guests sheltered from the elements. In this guide, our trusted professionals at Extreme Canopy will give you expert advice on choosing the right tent for your party. Follow these steps to make the perfect selection for your needs, and find the industry’s best party essentials with our team today!


Consider Your Climate
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If you’re planning on using a tent at your next party, the first thing you should do is check the weather. A tent’s primary purpose is to protect those underneath it from inclement weather — whether it be pouring rain or excessive sunlight. Check out the climate in your area to see what kind of weather you might be facing in your area. If it looks like excessive rain or high winds are in your forecast, you’ll likely want to invest in a tent with sides as well as a roof. You may even want to purchase gutters, floors, weights, and extra side layers. If the weather looks great leading up to your event, a roof is likely all you’ll need.


Assess Your Guestlist

The size and type of tent you get for your party will be determined in large part by your guestlist. The more people you invite, the bigger your tent will need to be. Need something small? We recommend instant canopies or inflatable tents. Need something big? Check out crest event tentsstar tents, or custom inflatables.


Know Your Needs

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Climate and guestlist aside, there are a number of other needs you’ll need to consider before investing in a party tent. The best way to make sure all of these needs are met is to ask yourself: “What type of party am I throwing?” Asking this question will help you ask and answer subsequent questions that will help you best determine your needs. Will there be music and dancing? Speeches or presentations? Will food be served? Will any products be sold or given away? Each of these “events” within your party needs a dedicated space, and it’s up to you to decide whether that space will be outdoors or indoors under your tent.

If you’ve concluded that at least one of these party events will be taking place under the protection of a party tent, it’s time to plan out your space. Activities such as dancing and dining often need more than just a tent: a temporary floor is also a good investment. Depending on how formal your party is going to be, you may also want to invest in other tent accessories such as extra siding, windows, or interior hooks for lighting. Knowing your party needs ahead of time will allow you to determine how big your tent will need to be and how, exactly, you will be using it.


Break Down Your Budget

So, you’ve got your guestlist, your weather projections, and your overall party plan. The last step before starting to shop for your party tent is to break down your budget. How much are you willing to spend on your party tent? If it’s only going to be used once, you may want to consider renting rather than buying. Regardless, you want to be sure to invest in a brand and build that is highly-reviewed and rated for durability in any condition. If you are looking for a smaller, portable party tent for only a few hundred dollars, an instant canopy (pop-up tent) is likely the best choice for you. Moving up the price ladder, inflatable tentsstar tents, and large event crest tents all provide unique advantages, each discussed at length below.


Types of Party Tents

Once you have your budget squared away, it’s time to start shopping. The good news is that today’s tent market is filled with a myriad of tent products to suit just about every need and budget. The bad news is that not all of these tents are created equal. While some offer excellent durability and functionality at affordable price points, others have subpar construction, limited sizing options, and prices that do not reflect their overall quality. When you want the industry’s finest tent for your party — no matter your price point — there is no better place to shop than right here at Extreme Canopy. We design and manufacture our tents with the highest-quality materials and meticulous, state-of-the-art craftsmanship to ensuring lasting strength and performance. Here are some of the most popular party tents we offer:

Instant Canopies

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The most popular and affordable of all party tents, instant canopies are portable, flexible, and easy-to-use — great for parties of all sizes. Also called “pop-up tents,” instant canopies feature a four-legged design with an expandable frame and an attachable fabric roof (sides are optional). They can be set up in seconds with a team of two or more and folded back up in roughly the same amount of time. They are also available in a number 10’ x 10’ all the way up to 13’ x 26’.

Inflatable Tents

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The industry’s newest type of tents, inflatable tents use pressurized air rather than plastic or metal materials to stand up. This allows them to be manufactured in a wide range of interesting shapes and sizes. It also makes them highly-portable and incredibly easy to set up. Simply turn on the electric pump and stand back. When you’re finished, turn off the pump and fold up your inflatable tent once it’s deflated. With a process this easy, you’ll have more time to party.

Star Tents

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Star tents are another uniquely-shaped tent option that can be used to add eye-catching style to any party. As their name suggests, start tents have a star-like shape that’s created by their center support pole (or two poles) and fabric sides that are staked in a circular shape to make the tents’ perimeters. Not only does this configuration give star tents a unique shape, but it also makes them flexible for fitting into different-sized spaces, as sizes can be staked at varying lengths.

Event Tents

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Throwing a big shindig? You’ll need a tent that’s up to the challenge. Event tents such as pavilion tents, pinnacle marquees, and expandable crest event tents each feature sizeable volume and square footage, great for big parties with dancing, tables, and other interior activities. Largest of all are the crest event tents, which feature modular bays that can be added to increase size with no upper limit.


A Final Consideration: Custom Options

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As you shop for your next party tent, you may find yourself wanting to customize your product. Depending on the tent you choose, size, shape, and appearance can all customized when you shop from the right retailer. Going the custom route will give your tent a higher degree of aesthetic appeal and a fit that will work perfectly in your party space. At Extreme Canopy we offer custom sizing and shaping options for certain types of tents, including both inflatable tents and large event tents. We also offer custom printing options for all tents in our inventory, giving you the option to add custom colors, texts, logos and even photographs to your tent’s roof and sides. When it comes uncompromising quality and unique aesthetic appeal, nothing beats a custom tent.


Learn More and Prepare for Your Party With Extreme Canopy

Want to learn more about choosing the right tent for your next party? Our team at Extreme Canopy is here to help. Contact us for expert recommendations and answers to all of your tent-related questions. Ready to shop for your party tent? Check out our inventory to shop a wide range of industry-leading tents directly from our manufacturers, and be sure to browse our large selection of bannersflags, and other event products. Make your next party your best with our team here at Extreme Canopy!