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Extreme Canopy Corporation

Extreme Canopy is the United States’ premier supplier of high quality commercial instant canopies and event tents. Distributing country wide, Extreme Canopy is United States’ division of the Extreme Corporation, which has been manufacturing and distributing instant canopies globally since 2003.

With over 200 employees, the Extreme Corporation has the world’s largest and most advanced production facility for high quality pop up canopies and printed pop up tents. The Extreme Corporation also features distribution facilities in Europe, Australia and of course the United States of America. Extreme Canopy’s advantage is that we are able to provide local United States customers with the world’s highest quality pop up instant tents at unbeatable prices.

With over 15 years of experience, the Extreme Corporation and hence Extreme Canopy is able to provide all customers with expert advice and deliver high quality products in a very simple and timely manner.

Extreme Canopy also boasts the largest range of shade and branding products in the United States. We have pop up instant tents that are sold both plain and custom printed and cater for all budgets and needs. Extreme Canopy has a large selection of high quality event tents that are available plain and custom printed and vary in size from 10’ x 10’ and have no upper limit.

Extreme Canopy produces a range of unique shade and branding products including inflatable tents, arch tents, star shades & commercial umbrellas.

Extreme Canopy is a reputed and established manufacturer of a vast range of printed instant tents. We provide a wide range of high quality, strong, and long lasting instant logo tent products at affordable prices.

Extreme Canopy’s custom pop up tents and branded canopy products are heavy duty and built to last. The commercial fabrics used in our printed logo tents are flame retardant and waterproof. Our branded canopies provide enhanced protection against extreme weather conditions. As a result of the rigorous testing we conduct on our products, all of Extreme Canopy’s products are high quality, sturdy and strong.

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