Printed Flag Banners

Vita Manzoli
Vita Manzoli
4 months ago
Great product! We ordered a customized 10x10 canopy for our rescue to use at adoption events. The colors and logo print came out perfect, the frame is sturdy, the roller base is easy to maneuver and the assembly and disassembly process is very manageable. Extremely satisfied with this purchase!
Michael Cunha
Michael Cunha
5 months ago
We bought two 10x20 X6 Velocity Canopies and one 10x10 X6, all with custom printed tops for our local union events. To say we are very pleased would be an understatement. The customer service, the communication with placing the order, the follow up emails/artwork were all done above my expectations. I would highly recommend Extreme Canopy to anyone looking for a quality pop up tent!! Dracut Firefighters Local 2586
Realtor Jacqui Knowles
Realtor Jacqui Knowles
6 months ago
Excellent service! Extreme Canopy delivered a custom 10 x 20 tent with very short notice. Between their Sales Rep (Joe Pena), Graphics Coordinator and Logistics, Extreme Canopy was professional and prompt. Our tent was absolutely perfect, high quality and very easy to set up. Most importantly, due to the diligence and responsive communication between all departments, out tent arrived just in time for our annual Lunch for Law Enforcement event, at the "Saluting Those Who Serve" University of Florida football game. Thank you again! Jacqui Knowles
Robert J Kearns
Robert J Kearns
3 weeks ago
Doing business with Extreme Canopy is a distinct pleasure. My representative, Cody Sivadge, is a very customer centric communicator, and always lets me know he has my back. The graphics department is solid and capable, and our end products are attractive and durable, built to last and cost-effective. Our Rotary club receives lots of compliments on our Extreme Canopy banners and canopy whenever they are displayed; and we are so proud of our relationship that I cannot even imagine considering the use of any other vendor. To the leadership at Extreme Canopy: Please keep doing what you do the way…
Kenneth Knight
Kenneth Knight
a month ago
The team at Extreme Canopy was great with the job we had for them. Their team came back with some great designs for us, and included some additional pieces that weren't requested but we loved and went with. We even gave them an aggressive due date given that Chinese New Year had just wrapped up, but they were able to hit it no problem. Extremely happy with our experience and will be going back with our future needs!

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teardrop and feather flag

Teardrop Flag

A teardrop flag is the best signage for your storefront or business. This eye-catching promotional flag can be printed digitally either on a single side or both sides. A variety of both indoor and outdoor banner pole bases are available. It is extremely easy to get your message across with an Extreme Canopy teardrop flag. Get in touch today.

Feather Flag

Feather flags are perfect for grand openings or marketing a sales offer. Looking for a great place to find these promotional flags at low prices? Look no further than custom feather flags by Extreme Canopy. Our flags come in three different sizes: small, medium and large. Custom flag banners are lightweight and portable. Customers have the choice between single- and double-sided printing.

Color: Custom
Printing: Single or Double Sided
Flag Sleeve: Black or White
Flag Pole: Aluminum
Packing Details: 55" length


Banner Fabric
Double Sided include Silver Lining

Hardware: 1 Year
Fabric: 6 Months

Size: Small
Teardrop Finished Height: 6' 5"
Feather Finished Height: 7' 10"
Teardrop Artwork Size: 5′ 2″ x 2′ 7″
Feather Artwork Size: 5′ 4″ x 2′ 8″
Weight: 9lb

Size: Medium
Teardrop Finished Height: 10′ 2″
Feather Finished Height: 10′ 10″
Teardrop Artwork Size: 9′ 1″ x 3′ 8″
Feather Artwork Size: 8′ 6″ x 2′ 8″
Weight: 11lb

Size: Large
Teardrop Finished Height: 18′ 11″
Feather Finished Height: 17′ 1″
Teardrop Artwork Size: 11′ 2″ x 4′ 2″
Feather Artwork Size: 11′ 5″ x 2′ 8″
Weight: 13lb


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Extreme Canopy has one of the widest and best value printed flags and banners on the market in the United States today. Our banners are easy to set up and come in a style, shape and size for every application. Our printing process is full color digital paper sublimation which ensures the most vibrant of colors. A large range of banner bases and accessories are also available so that installation can be made on grass or concrete. When it comes to high quality custom print promotional banners and flags, there is simply no better place to shop.

So, why choose promotional banners for your business or organization? The answer is simple: promotional banners are excellent advertising solutions. They’re portable and lightweight, meaning you can bring them on the road with you to events of all kinds. Plus, they’re versatile and can be set up almost anywhere. And, depending on the size you order, they can take up a considerable amount of surface area. They’re also affordable when compared to bulkier signs and advertisements—yet they will most certainly last you for years (even decades) with proper care. Lastly, when you buy promotional banners from Extreme Canopy, we provide you with a host of custom printing options to display your brand brilliantly, exactly the way you’d like.


Extreme Canopy manufactures feather flags and teardrop flags in 3 sizes. These promotional flags can be printed on one or both sides. Our double-sided custom printed feather banners have a silver piece of fabric that is sewn into the middle of the banner to prevent the image from showing through the fabric when used in bright sunlight.

Our custom-printed feather banners are digitally printed by using a paper transfer method. This method ensures colors are vibrant and sharp. Paper transfer printed banner fabric is passed through a special heat transfer machine to preshrink the fabric. After this process, the fabric and digitally printed transfer paper is again passed through the heat transfer machine. The ink is infused into the banner fabric at 392-degrees Fahrenheit.

Our printed flag banner range is available in small, medium and large. Printed flag banners can be set up on a variety of stands. For outdoor use at events, ground spikes are the ideal base. Ground spikes are available in standard or heavy duty. Ground spikes are perfect for windy conditions and can be easily secured into the ground with a hammer.


Ready to get started creating your very own custom promotional flags and banners?

Contact our team to begin the ordering process. When you custom-order promotional flags and banners with us, we’ll walk you through everything you need to know to design and purchase your very own, event-ready signage. Our professionals will answer any questions you have during the process, giving you a number of options to meet your budget and design preferences. For unmatched quality and the industry’s best custom options, our promotional flags and banners are second to none. Create and order with us today!


Extreme Canopy manufactures America’s largest range of outdoor banners and printed flags. Using the industry’s finest materials, we offer a wide range of promotional flags and banners available in a number of shapes, sizes and styles to suit the needs of our diverse clientele. We also offer a host of custom printing options to ensure that when you buy with us, you get the perfect promotional banner or flag for your organization. Plus, our promotional flags and banners are priced affordably. Read on for several reasons why choosing Extreme Canopy for your promotional flags and banners is always the right choice.

  • High-Quality Materials. Our promotional banners and flags are manufactured with commercial-grade polyester fabric and printed using high-quality imported inks complete with fade inhibitors to ensure the highest level of durability, tear resistance and continued brilliance even after years of use.
  • A Wide Range of Options. We are proud to design and manufacture promotional flags and banners in a wide range of shapes, sizes and styles. Our promotional banners can be ordered in sizes ranging from a few feet in length and width, to dimensions fit for large buildings. Banner styles we carry include pull-up banners, pod pop banners, shuttle pop banners and more. We also design and manufacture a wide range of promotional flags available in a number of sizes and styles, including teardrop flags and feather flags. Be sure to ask about our fence wraps, too!
  • Portability and Versatility. Promotional flags and banners are some of the most portable and versatile advertising solutions on the market today. Our Shuttle, Pod and Oval banners can be easily packed into cars (in complementary small carrying bags) and set up on-site in minutes—no more spending hours trying to get your banner in position. To set up these banners, simply remove from the carry bag and twist open. Their spring steel construction forms a sturdy shape when opened, perfect for use at trade shows and exhibitions. Within a few seconds after opening, your banner will be ready for display. Our banners come with anchorage points that can be used for hanging or ground setup, and our flags feature strong stakes and stands for sturdy placement on virtually any surface.
  • Professional Customization. Nothing beats a customized promotional banner or flag. At Extreme Canopy, we offer a host of customization options to help our clients make their promotional banners and flags truly one of a kind. Our flags and twist banners are full color digitally printed. Plus, we give you a wide range of graphics printing options. Graphics can be simple logos through to complete photographic images—no matter what you’re looking to put on your promotional flag or banner, we’ll print it. We use high-quality imported inks complete with fade inhibitors to ensure that our banners and flags stay brilliant for a lifetime.
  • Competitive Prices. When shopping for promotional flags and banners for your organization, you want to stay on budget whenever possible. Extreme Canopy prices our products’ affordably to meet the needs of budgets large and small. One of the biggest benefits of promotional banners and flags is their cost-effectiveness versus other types of advertising. We hold true to these benefits by keeping our prices competitive. When you shop with us, you’ll always find high quality at low prices.