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Star Tent and Arch Tent Products

Searching for a reliable tent with a unique look to use at your events? A star tent or arch tent may be the perfect solution. Eye-catching, easy to set up and available with a myriad of custom options, star tents and arch tents are great shelter solutions for events of all kinds. At Extreme Canopy, we are proud to design, manufacture and sell a wide range of high-quality star and arch tents at affordable rates. These creative, customizable shelter solutions will help you stand out wherever you set them up.

What Are Star Tents?

Star tents are uniquely-shaped stake tents designed for portable setup at outdoor events. As their name suggests, star tents are characterized by their distinct star shapes. Unlike traditional pop-up tents, which have straight legs, star tents typically have one or two legs at their center and then a number of expanding fabric sides that are staked into the ground. When fully set up, these tents resemble the shape of a star. Their unique design is not just eye-catching — they’re also quite stable and easy to set up. Plus, star tents’ expanding sides can be staked at varying lengths to accommodate different space requirements. Check out our Single Pole Star Shade Tents and our Double Pole Star Shade Tents here at Extreme Canopy.

What Are Arch Tents?

Arch tents are staked tents that use an arch design in their frames for support. Like other instant canopies and pop-up tents, arch tents are typically staked at four corners. However, unlike other tents, each of the four corners on an arch tent is connected by an arch frame. This design is both aesthetically appealing and sturdy — a great choice for anyone looking to stand out at their next outdoor event. Explore our Arch Tents for more information on the many advantages of these unique shelter solutions.

About Our Arch Tent and Star Tent Products

Extreme Canopy proudly designs and manufactures a number of customizable star tent and arch tent products. Our Star Shade Tents are available in both single and double pole formats and come in a variety of sizes. They are available in a heavy-duty PVC or a lighter polyester fabric. Both of these specially designed fabrics can be fully printed and offer the highest ultraviolet rating. We put our products through intense fire resistance and water penetration tests to ensure safety. Unprinted Star Tents are fantastic for schools or sporting clubs that need instant shade. Side walls are a great accessory and can be easily attached to keep out the harsh sunlight or shelter against wind and rain. They are able to fold away into a compact space and can be easily transported in most small vehicles. Printed Star Tents are perfect for promoting your business.

Our high-quality Arch Tents are another fantastic way to draw attention at any event with their unique design and appearance. Our Arch Tents are available in either 16’ or 25’. These structures can be fully customized with branding on all of their sides, making them the perfect promotional tool. A range of accessories are also available with these tents, including awnings and walls.

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