Shipping & Returns Policy

Your guide to a hassle free experience

Warranty covers manufacture’s defaults only. Warranty does NOT cover products or parts which have been altered or modified in any manner. This warranty does NOT apply to damage caused by wind, rain, storms or other forces of nature, nor does it cover accidental or deliberate damage of the product. Damage caused by these events may be covered under your home or business insurance policy. This warranty does NOT apply if the set up of the product does not conform to the product instructions. This express warranty is provided in lieu of all other warranties, expressed or implied.

Extreme Canopy is NOT responsible for products damaged in transit. If you are making a warranty claim for a manufactures fault for reason other than above, please complete our warranty claim form and email it through to [email protected].

Please complete and return with photos of the manufactures fault.

Alternatively, please fill out the Replacement Parts form and we will arrange a quotation and dispatch parts as soon as possible.

If your claim is deemed to be covered under Extreme Canopy's warranty policy, Extreme Canopy, under its sole discretion, will either provide a replacement component, replacement product or provide a refund. 

PRODUCT                                              WARRANTY

X5 Explorer Frame                                  5 Years
X6 Velocity Frame                                   5 Years
X7 Tectonic Frame                                  10 Years
Q8 Quasar Frame                                    1 Year
Feather Flag Hardware                           1 Year
Cafe Umbrellas Frame                            1 Year
Star Shade Pole                                        1 Year
Arch Tent Frame                                      3 Years
EMX Inflatable Frame                            5 Years
Pavilion Frame                                        5 Years
Pinnacle Frame                                       10 Years
Crest Tent Frame                                    10 Years
Table Covers                                            1 Year
Pop Banner                                              1 Year
Custom Banners                                      1 Year
Fence Wraps                                            1 Year
Roller Banner                                          1 Year

FABRIC                                              WARRANTY

Plain 500D PVC Coat Poly                1 Year
Print 600D PU Coat Poly                  1 Year
Plain 580gsm PVC                             5 Years
Plain Crest PVC                                 3 Years
Printed 550gsm PVC                         2 Years
Clear PVC                                            2 Years
Flag Fabric                                         6 Months

All goods are offered for sale subject to available stock. If an item is out of stock, we may contact you to offer a substitute. If you do not accept a substitute item and your credit card has been charged for an item that is out of stock, we will cancel your order and issue a credit to your credit card account in the amount charged. Where part of an order cannot be fulfilled immediately, the part that can be supplied will be dispatched as soon as possible.

All prices are in US dollars. All prices are subject to change without notice.

We ship within continental US only. To find out the shipping charges that apply to you, simply add the items to your shopping cart and proceed accordingly to the checkout where the full cost will be calculated and displayed before you make any payment. Extreme Canopy reserves the right to change shipping charges after a payment has been made if insufficient shipping fees have been applied. In this situation you will be contacted and be given the opportunity to cancel the order and receive a full refund. If you have a due date our team will endeavor to deliver your order by this date. However, as we use 3rd party shipping companies we do not accept liability for any late deliveries. 

Extreme Canopy offers free shipping for a variety of products. Please note, this applies to the contiguous United States only. Orders outside the United States will have additional shipping fees after the order has been processed online. 

Please note that we use outside freighting companies and we cannot be responsible for unforeseen delays.
It is your responsibility to enter the correct delivery address details at the time of ordering. Please note, we are unable to deliver to a P.O. Box. Please make sure you include the contact name and phone number for the order.
Alternatively, pick up is available in our Huntington Beach Store only.
Monday-Friday 8:30am – 5:00pm

Extreme Canopy will endeavor to meet all customer due dates and deadlines. However, as there are many aspects out of our direct control such as shipping, we can not guarantee a due date. As such, Extreme Canopy does not accept liability for any missed due date nor do we accept any refund request based on this premise.
Extreme Canopy has an outstanding reputation for meeting the tightest due dates and our team will continue to strive to be leaders in this aspect.

Extreme Canopy uses 3rd Party shipping companies. Extreme Canopy does not hold liability for damages to products sustained during transit. Extreme Canopy does not hold liability for products lost by 3rd party shipping companies. Extreme Canopy does not hold liability for any damages, loss or injuries caused by a product arriving late, damaged, incomplete, or incorrect. Extreme Canopy reserves the right to cancel an order at any time due to incorrect shipping fees being charged. Extreme Canopy offers free shipping on some marked items. For marked items free shipping is for continental US only and is via a company and service of Extreme Canopy’s choosing. Extreme Canopy reserves the right to revoke free shipping where error has occurred.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

As part of the Extreme Canopy experience, it is our commitment to provide superior products. If you are not completely satisfied with your Extreme Canopy purchase for any reasons, we will make it right. You can return your product for a replacement or refund within thirty (30) days of your purchase. The product must be in new, unused condition. Extreme Canopy does NOT accept returns for any custom printed products, crest tents, pinnacle tents or any products that have been customized in anyway unless the product has a fault under our manufacturers warranty.

Extreme Canopy’s guarantee doesn’t cover ordinary wear and tear or damage caused by improper use, naturally caused accidents, storm, rain, or wind gusts.

If you have received your Extreme Canopy purchase and it has a manufacturing defect in the materials or workmanship please fill out our warranty claim form and email it through to [email protected]

Before returning any part or product to Extreme Canopy please contact us to obtain specific return shipping instructions [email protected] or call us on

Subject to meeting the requirements above and in this policy, Extreme Canopy can arrange product return for change of mind, however, the customer will be invoiced for the shipping cost. In addition, when processing a refund due to change of mind, a component of the original price will be non-refundable. This amount will be equal to the shipping charges charged by the courier company. 

Your pop up canopy is supplied with 8 steel stakes and 4 tie down ropes. These MUST always be attached. For use on hard surfaces, weight plates, water weights or sandbags MUST be used. These are accessories and need to be purchased.

All roof tension straps MUST be attached and tensioned. These hold down methods will maximize safety, however, due to the unpredictable nature of weather, they will not prevent damage.
All canopies are considered temporary structures and MUST be packed down and stowed away in any adverse weather conditions such as storm, rain, wind or other forces of nature.

All products purchased from Extreme Canopy must be set up exactly per the instructions. If you have not received instructions please contact Extreme Canopy for a copy of the instructions prior to using the product. Adequate hold down force for all products is required to be used. Adequate hold down force is the maximum of either what the instructions state, what an engineer letter states or what is necessary to keep the product grounded, stable and in an unmoved position. 

Please refer to ‘Set- Up’ instructions supplied within boxes, via order confirmation or if lost or cannot be found please go to – or call/ email Extreme Canopy. All products purchased from Extreme Canopy must not be setup if you do not have a copy of the instructions. 

The Instant Canopy must be stood upright during transit. If your Instant Canopy needs to be positioned horizontally you MUST remove the Roof to prevent damage.


Insure all Protective Covers are clean and dry before fitting to any of your Instant Canopy products.

Regularly check that all screws are firm (not too tight). This can be done by using an allen wrench and/or screw driver. If a truss bar screw is missing replace immediately as it will put additional pressure on the frame when erecting.

When retracting or extending the legs on your Instant Canopy it is important the inner and outer of the leg is clean and free of the following items: sticky tape, masking tape, rope, string and cable ties. When sticky tape, string etc is left on the leg of a tent it can cause the inner and outer leg to jam.

Truss bars are an integral part of the tent structure, if a truss bar is broken or damaged it is recommended that you do not use the Instant Canopy. If operated correctly in normal weather conditions truss bars will not break.

The following actions should be conducted on a regular basis:

   Assure all bolts are tight and have not come loose.

   Assure roof tensioning is tight and has not come loose.

   Assure steel pins are firmly in the grass, particularly during and after a rain event.

   Assure expansion bolts/ concrete screws or equivalent have not come loose.

   Assure no ice accumulates on the tent.

   Assure all engineer instructions are followed, including dismantling the tent if winds in excess of the engineer report are expected.

   Assure the tent is not packed away in a wet condition.

Do not use solvents on any part of the Instant Canopy.

When cleaning your Instant Canopy (Roof, Walls Or Valance Panels) use a soft mop and any mild household cleaning fluid such as dish-washing detergent in warm water.
When cleaning the Roof Canopy of your Instant Canopy we recommend that the tent is fully opened and secured into position. Do not extend the legs. This will avoid the necessity of using a ladder or extension poles.

We recommend that the roof of your Instant Canopy should be cleaned regularly depending on frequency of use.
Allow your Instant Canopy to completely dry before packing down and fitting the protective cover, this will prevent mildew.

Simply clean with a general use household mild detergent and a clean cloth.

We recommend the Instant Canopy frame should be cleaned regularly. Use a silicone spray on frame either after use or in damp conditions. This will ensure your frame operates easily and will maintain a clean look. Be sure to remove any excess spray before attaching the roof.

Should your Instant Canopy roof be damaged contact the Extreme Canopy Office. We will assess the damage and either suggest a repair center, or for your to return the roof to our Warehouse/Office. In the case of a warranty claim, Warranty Claim Forms are available on our website.

Should your Instant Canopy frame be damaged the following options are available.

Contact the Extreme Canopy Office, advise which connector, truss bar or leg requires replacement. Use an Allen wrench or screw driver to remove damage component, replace with new part.
In the case of a warranty claim, a Warranty Claim Form must first be completed. Forms are available online.
Fit protective cover to Instant Canopy frame from top to bottom leaving Instant Canopy to stand on Feet or Wheels.

DO NOT drag Instant Canopy Protective Covers as this can cause wear and tear and may cause damage to your Instant Tent Canopy and Walls.

Under no circumstances should a damaged product be used. Damaged products should be immediately packed up and removed. In purchasing any product from Extreme Canopy, you agree to not hold Extreme Canopy, Extreme Canopy representatives & Extreme Canopy directors liable for any damage or injury caused by Extreme Canopy products. This limitation applies to damage or injury caused by both new, functional or damaged products. In purchasing from Extreme Canopy, you also agree to not hold Extreme Canopy, Extreme Canopy representatives & Extreme Canopy directors liable for any loss, damage or injury that may arise because of a product arriving faulty, incomplete, incorrect, or late.

All goods are offered for sale subject to available stock. If an item is out of stock, we may contact you to offer a substitute. If you do not accept a substitute item and your credit card has been charged for an item that is out of stock, we will cancel your order and issue a credit to your credit card account in the amount charged. Where part of an order cannot be fulfilled immediately, the part that can be supplied will be dispatched as soon as possible.

Crest Tents & Pavilion Tents will have additional shipping costs from what appears on the online store. All Crest & Pinnacle sales will have additional shipping costs added after the point of sale.