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Extreme Canopy is the United States’ premier supplier of event marquees and large, custom size event tents. We proudly offer three different styles of event marquee and event tent: the Pavilion, the Pinnacle and the Crest. The Pavilion is one of our most popular and affordable event tent options. The Pavilion event tent has a 2 ½” aluminum frame structure and a cable roof support structure. The Pinnacle event tent is the next model up and is equipped with a heavy duty aluminum frame and roof structure. The Crest range is our most popular and versatile event tent range. These large event tents come in various frame profiles and a huge range of customizable sizes. All Extreme Canopy custom outdoor event tents come with heavy-duty PVC roofs and they can be custom printed to fit any brand or organization. Check out our range of event tents for sale below or give us a call at (844) 862 0755 to learn how we can create the perfect custom event tent for you.


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Our Range of Event Tents

Here at Extreme Canopy, we are proud to offer  a huge range of products that extends from promotional products such as printed flags and custom canopies to commercial canopies and custom event tents. In our pop-up range is the heavy duty X7 Tectonic. This commercial pop-up event tent is perfect for hire and event companies as it is durable, easy to use and engineered to last a lifetime. And, as mentioned above, we also have three semi-permanent event structures:

  • Pavilion event tents
  • Pinnacle event tents 
  • Crest event tents

The Pavilion, Pinnacle and Crest event tents are commonly used in the hire, event, and wedding industries. These event tent structures are heavy duty commercial grade and are commonly left erect for extended periods of time. When ordered from our team here at Extreme Canopy, these custom event tents come in a range of sizes, colors and styles.  

Choosing the Right Tent for your Event

An event tent is an investment for life. You want to be sure to choose the right one. When choosing an event tent for your needs, there are a number of factors to consider, including size, weather and several event specifics. Use the checklist below to determine your needs and choose the right tent for your event.

  • Size. How much sheltered space do you need? Are you keeping tables, equipment and a large amount of people under your event tent? Take an inventory of everything you plan to house under your tent during your event and make a floorplan. That way, you’ll know the approximate dimensions you need when shopping for an event tent.
  • Weather Resistance. In terms of weather resistance, not all event tents are created equal. Some are waterproof, some aren’t. Heavy-duty event tents are built to withstand winds, crowd interference, and other environmental factors. When shopping for your next event tent, pay special attention to the materials used in the frame, canopy, and sides. If you anticipate inclement weather or large swaths of people, it’s best to choose a heavy duty tent for your next event.
  • Event Type. Each event is different. Before buying an event tent, you want to consider the specifics of the event you’re attending — or, if you attend events regularly, the usual specifics of the events you attend. Talk to the promoter and be sure you have exact dimensions for your event space. Be sure to determine whether you’re indoors or outdoors. Ask the promoter if there are specific requirements for the event, as these can often affect the type of tent you’ll need.
  • Customization Options. In order to make your tent stand out from the rest, you’ll want to outfit it with custom graphics or text to best represent your brand. For the highest-quality custom options, we recommend buying your event tent directly from a trusted manufacturer.

Here at Extreme Canopy, we are proud to design and manufacture an extensive range of custom event tents for sale. Read on to learn more about the types of event tents we manufacture and sell, and explore our custom printing options below.


The Pavilion event tent is the most simplistic canopy in Extreme’s commercial event tent range. The Pavilion event tent consists of a large aluminum leg framework and wire roof tensioning. During installation, the legs and roof beams are simply attached with metal connectors. The wire ceiling framework is then inserted. The center pole is then put in place and the roof is tensioned over top. Pavilion event tents are a popular option due to their ease of installation, strength and affordability. These event tents come with a heavy duty PVC roof and are available in sizes from 10ft x 10ft up to 20ft x 20ft.


The Pinnacle event tent and the Crest event tent are Extreme Canopy’s large commercial standard tents. These canopies can come in virtually any size that is required. The Pinnacle event tent has a square perimeter with large aluminum beams forming an apex in the middle. The Crest event tent range is a clear span structure that is available in a large range of widths. The Crest event tent range is modular in design and can easily be extended by adding extra bays. The Pinnacle and the Crest event tents both have a variety of accessories available such as PVC walls, hardboard walls, flooring, doors and lighting.

Choosing an Extreme Canopy Event Tent

Here at Extreme Canopy, our high-quality custom event tents for sale meet all of the above criteria. We design and manufacture our event tents for sale with commercial-grade frame materials and high-performing weatherproof fabrics. We offer a wide range of sizes and styles to meet the needs of our clients and the diverse range of events they attend. Plus, we offer an extensive range of custom printing options. Our printing division uses high-quality, fade-resistant ink to print text, logos and photographs onto tent fabric exactly to our clients’ individual requirements. For the best in quality, variety and customization, our team is the one to choose. Contact us online or call (844) 263-1956 to learn more about our event tents for sale, and place your custom order with us today!