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High Pressure Inflatable Instant Canopies


High Pressure Inflatable Instant Canopies


High Pressure Inflatable Instant Canopies


High Pressure Inflatable Instant Canopies


High Pressure Inflatable Instant Canopies


High Pressure Inflatable Instant Canopies


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Inflatable Tents. Light, Customizable & Great Promotional Value

What separates Extreme Canopy from competitors is the ability to design, innovate, invent and finally bring a dream or concept to reality! No better example of this can be seen in the design and production of the world’s first inflatable hypoxic training module launched in December 2011. This inflatable tent is 82’ long, 16’ wide and covers two lanes of an Olympic pool.

This Extreme Corporation world patented inflatable hypoxic module allows elite Olympic swimmers to train in similar conditions that they would experience at altitude training camps around the world. The oxygen level inside this giant inflatable tent is the same as that at 10,000’ above sea level.

The Extreme Corporation was also asked to design and produce two large training inflatable tents for the Qatar Soccer team in the Middle East. The Extreme Corporation produced a sprint training inflatable tent measuring 148’ long, 7’ wide and 9’ high. A second inflatable tent was also produced for Qatar measuring 39’ x 46’ and is used as a portable hypoxic gym. These inflatables were installed at the Qatar soccer facility by the Extreme Corporation in 2013.

Extreme Canopy offers revolutionary, influential, innovative inflatable canopies. Not only do our futuristic branded inflatable tents provide shelter from harsh weather conditions but they provide great business advertisement and will make you stand out from your competitors at your next event or function. To aid in the strength and durability of our custom inflatable canopies, they are constructed from high-tech thermoplastic polyurethane with sleeve Fabric framework. An impressive feature these branded inflatable tents offer is an over pressure relief valve system. Also, to assist in the functionality of our custom printed instant inflatable tents Extreme Canopy’s inflatable canopies do not require the use of a pump after the initial inflation. This results in our inflatable tents being useful, practical and well-designed products that also have the ability to advertise and promote your business effectively. The branded inflatable pop-up tents offered at Extreme Canopy are available in a vast range of sizes with a large range of printing options. The extensive range of options provided at Extreme Canopy essentially results in inflatable pop-up canopies to suit the needs of all of our customers.

Also offered at Extreme Canopy are our unique, sophisticated and exclusive custom inflatable arches. Our branded inflatable arch tents can be customized to your liking and are available in four distinctive designs that are constructed with our technologically advanced thermal sealed PVC framework. To increase the practicality of setting up, these branded inflatable arch canopies can be inflated with a simple, effective electric pump. Aiding in increasing this practicality is that our custom inflatable arch tents do not require the use of a pump after the initial inflation. Inflatable arch tents at Extreme Canopy effectively help optimize your business promotions and advertisements. To suit our customer’s needs, our innovative custom inflatable arch tents can be produced in any size, shape and design. Inflatable arch tents at Extreme Canopy are fast and easy to set up, strong, reliable and, are an excellent advertising tool for your product or business. Haven’t found the right product for you yet? Extreme Canopy’s branded custom shaped inflatable pop-up canopies are probably the right choice for you. Here at Extreme Canopy we offer outstanding, unique and advanced custom printed inflatable tents, any size, any shape, any design. The choice is yours. If you are looking for something different, something that will allow you to stand out from your competitors, something suited to your needs, Extreme Canopy’s branded inflatable canopy is the product you need.