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Canopy Tents for Recreational, Professional, Commercial and Business Use

Extreme Canopy and our affiliate companies have been manufacturing pop-up canopies and outdoor shade solutions since 2003. If you are looking for a versatile and easy to set up shelter solution for your next event, look no further than our extensive line of industry-leading instant canopy and pop-up canopy tent products. Designed for durability and best-in-class performance, our instant canopies are manufactured with industrial-grade aluminium and outfitted with all-weather roofing and siding. We also offer a host of custom solutions to help you outfit your instant canopy exactly the way you want to, increasing comfort for those under your roof and visibility for your brand.

So, what are the benefits of an instant canopy or pop-up canopy tent? First and foremost, efficiency. These tents are designed to be set up and packed up in minutes, with no assembly (or disassembly) required. They feature a simple, streamlined four-leg design with expandable sides: simply pull them apart, attach your roof and optional siding and you’re good to go! With a team of 3 or more, our instant canopies can be set up in a matter of minutes and packed up nearly as quickly. Plus, they’re portable, which means they can be easily transported to any event — perfect for festivals, trade shows, sporting events, conventions and more. Our instant canopies are also customizable, which means you can outfit them with add-ons and full-color, custom-printed designs. Shop with us to find the perfect all-in-one shelter and advertising solution for you organization or brand. Read on to learn more about our instant canopy and pop-up tent products and place your order today!

X5 Explorer (Recreational) Range

Great for recreational use and small booth spaces, tents in the X5 Explorer Range feature high-quality materials, custom printing options and engineered innovations designed to optimize use.

  • 1.75” hexagonal steel frame legs and steel frames give tents in the X5 Explorer Range excellent sturdiness.
  • Customizable weatherproof fabric adds to all weatherproof performance while allowing users to brand these tents exactly to their liking.
  • Height-adjustable steel frames wheeled carry bags, and our best-in-class warranty add to the user-friendliness of each X5 Explorer tent.
  • Accessories available include side walls, steel weight plates, sandbags and a clip-on wheel system.
  • Tents in the X5 Explorer Range are available in three sizes: 10’ x 10’, 10’ x 15’ and 10’ x 20’.

X6 Velocity (Business) Range

A step up from the X5 Explorer tents, tents in the X6 Velocity Range feature lighter frames for increased ease of use without sacrificing durability. These tents are great for routine use at trade shows, sportings events, fairs and other large gatherings.

  • Made from light and durable aluminum, tents in the X6 Velocity Range feature aluminum connectors, heavy-duty 1.75” hexagonal legs, reinforced truss bars and solid metal feet for added stability and performance.
  • Height adjustable frames, smooth aluminum connectors, steel pins, high-quality tie down ropes and wheeled carry bags contribute to unparalleled ease of use.
  • Customizable weather-proof fabric adds weather resistance and gives users the ability to print text, logos and photos onto their X6 Velocity tents in fade-resistant ink.
  • Accessories available include side walls, steel weight plates, sandbags and a clip-on wheel system.
  • X6 Velocity tents are available in three sizes (each with 1.75” hexagonal legs): 10’ x 10’, 10’ x 15’ and 10’ x 20’.

X7 Tectonic (Commercial) Range

Manufactured for weather resistance and uncompromising performance in any condition, tents in the X7 Tectonic Range feature user-friendly engineering and excellent custom options, making them ideal for the most demanding commercial uses.

  • X7 Tectonic tents feature all-aluminum frames, 2.25” aluminum hexagonal legs and oversized truss bars for extra sturdiness — great for multi-day use.
  • Extruded heavy-duty aluminum connectors, strong tie down ropes, steel pins and a heavy duty wheeled carry bag add to user friendliness and durability.
  • Tents in the X7 Tectonic Range can be customized with printing on their weatherproof polyester roofs and side walls, giving users the options to make their tents truly one of a kind.
  • Accessories available include: side walls, steel weight plates, sandbags and clip-on wheel system.
  • Tents in the X7 Tectonic Range are available in a wide range of sizes, including 10’ x 10’, 10’ x 15’, 10’ x 20’, 13’ x 13’, 13’ x 20’ and 13’ x 26’.

Q8 Quasar (Professional) Range

At the pinnacle of our instant canopy product line is the Q8 Quasar Range, featuring tents with the highest-quality materials and exceptional engineering down to the smallest details. Designed for a lifetime of professional use, these tents are ideal for use at indoor and outdoor events of all kinds.

  • Stability and durability are maximized with all-aluminum frames, molded cast-aluminum connectors, 2” aluminum legs and advanced V-edge truss bars.
  • The ultimate in sturdiness and user-friendly performance, Q8 Quasar Range tents feature seamless aluminum connectors, a smooth height adjustment and four groove channels to attach slide-in keder walls.
  • Weatherproof heavy duty 600D PU coated polyester roof and sides can be custom-printed with text, logos and photographs in the industry’s finest fade-resistant ink for truly one-of-a-kind finished product.
  • Accessories available include aluminum partition wall side walls, steel weight plates and a clip-on wheel system.
  • Tents in the Q8 Quasar Range may be ordered in a number of sizes, including 10’ x 10’, 10’ x 15’, 10’ x 20’, 13’ x 13’, 13’ x 20’ and 13’ x 26’.

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Custom printed pop-up canopies have been Extreme’s focus for over 15 years. Extreme Canopy and our production facility Extreme Tent have built a reputation for producing the highest quality custom canopies on the market. We use the latest printing technology backed by an expert team to guarantee both quality of product and quick production. When you order with us, we give you the option to design your tent in a variety of fabric colors, including white, black, blue, red, green and yellow. More importantly, we also offer custom printing options so you can outfit your tent with text, graphics and even photographs of your choosing. Our cutting-edge technology and expert technicians ensure that your specifications are always met and that the finished product is nothing short of amazing.


Extreme Canopy offers the largest range of outdoor canopies and pop-up tents in America. Extreme Canopy’s range has a suitable pop-up canopy for every purpose and every budget and can be easily accessorized with a range of printed flags and promotional banners. Most importantly, every pop-up tent in our range has full engineering structural certification, which is essential if being used in a public place or for a school or club event. Only the highest quality raw materials are used in the production of Extreme Canopy tent tops and folding aluminum and steel frames. Canopies are rated UV50+, waterproof, fade resistant and have fire retardant to assure safety.

Custom Pop Up Canopy Tents

Full color custom printing is available on every canopy in our range. Our graphics team can assist with logo reproductions through to complete concepts and designs. Our folding canopies are shipped daily to cities all across the USA. Spare parts are available for all frames and our technical design engineers are available to answer any questions relating to canopy setup or repairs. Extreme Canopy and our affiliate companies have been manufacturing pop up canopies and outdoor shade solutions since 2003.

Frequently Asked Questions


Are The Pop Up Canopy Tents Waterproof?

Yes, all Extreme Canopy pop up canopy tents are 100% waterproof. All Extreme Canopy products are made from only the highest quality fabric that will prevent any water seepage. The walls attach to the canopy tent roof with Velcro to prevent any leakage in this location.

Are The Pop Up Canopy Tents Fade Resistant?

Yes, Extreme Canopy uses a high quality fabric that is resistant to fading. This fabric is the highest quality in the industry and is commercial standard.

How Much Does It Cost To Custom Print The Pop Up Canopy Tent?

Extreme Canopy uses a 6 stage digital sublimation printing process. During this process the artwork is infused into 600D PU coated polyester. Using this process any graphic and any color can be printed. The final price of the custom pop up canopy tent will depend on the amount of printing rather than the complexity of the design.

What are the Differences Between the Pop-up Canopy Tent Frames?

At Extreme Canopy, our instant canopies’ pop-up frames vary in price, strength and weight — but all are distinguished by their high-quality materials and superior craftsmanship. The X5 is the perfect heavy duty, affordable canopy for recreational use. Its steel frame gives it a bit of extra weight, while its expandable, height-adjustable frame makes it great for fast and easy set-up. The X6 is a heavy-duty, lightweight and affordable option great for routine use at any event. It features an all-aluminum frame that is much lighter than X5’s steel frame without sacrificing any of the strength or stability. The X7 is strengthened with thicker hexagonal aluminum legs and oversized truss bars for extra sturdiness, making it one of the strongest pop-up tents on the market today. The Q8 is the ultimate professional canopy, featuring a modular, innovative design with molded cast-aluminum connectors, V-edge truss bar, and four groove channels to attach slide-in keder walls. All tents feature weatherproof heavy duty 600D PU coated polyester fabric can be custom-printed with text, logos and photographs in the industry’s finest fade-resistant ink for truly one-of-a-kind custom solution that will catch eyes at any event.

What is The Turnaround Time for a Canopy Tent?

Plain pop up canopy tents can be dispatched on the same day the order is placed. For Custom printed pop up canopy tents Extreme Canopy usually requires approximately 14 days. However, if you have a tight due date it is possible to expedite orders.

Do the Pop Up Canopy Tents Have A Warranty?

Yes, all Extreme Canopy products have a manufactures warranty. This warranty covers all manufacturers’ defects.

Are The Canopy Tent Frames Durable?

Yes, for over 15 years the Extreme group has had a focus on providing customers with only high quality canopy tent frames. These products are most commonly used by businesses that need to use their canopy on a frequent basis.

How To Get A Quote & Place An Order For A Pop Up Canopy Tent

In order to provide an accurate pop up canopy tent price, we will need a few details regarding the product you are interested in:

  • Pop Up Canopy Size: Size of Pop Up Canopy required
  • Frame Strength: X5 Pop Up Canopy, X6 Pop Up Canopy, X7 Pop Up Canopy & Q8 Pop Up Canopy. 
  • Roof Printing:  Custom roof canopy  package 1, 2, 3 or 4.
  • Side Walls:  Type of wall (full or half), quantity and if printing is required

I have a cheaper pop up canopy tent quote. Are you able to beat the price?

As the manufacturer, we pride ourselves on offering competitive pricing.  If there is price variation between us and a competitor, it is generally due to a variance in product specifications. We are happy to offer clarification on product variances – We also offer to beat any written pop up custom canopy quotation by 10% for any same specification product. 

I am happy with the pop up canopy tent quotation. How do I proceed with the order?

Please contact your sales consultant when you are happy to proceed with your quote. Plain pop up canopy tents are kept in stock and can be dispatched once we receive a full payment. If you have ordered a custom printed

How Do I Make Payment For My Pop Up Canopy Tent?

Full payment is required before dispatch of any product. Payment can be made through credit card or bank wire. 

How Do I Supply Artwork For My Custom Canopy Tent?

Once you have made an order, all artwork files can be sent to [email protected]  Artwork can be supplied in either:

  • High resolution vector artwork supplied on an or;
  • Individual logo/s in high resolution PDF or EPS vector format with a completed artwork brief form.

If finalized artwork cannot be provided, please note that we have an in-house graphics department who can help with your requirements.  Once artwork has been received, your order will be passed to the Graphics Department for a pre-print layout to be created.  This layout will need to be approved before production can commence.