Custom Shape Inflatables


Custom Inflatables are designed to set themselves apart from our standard line of eye-catching inflatables. Our team have the capabilities to create custom printed and custom structure inflatables to suit your vision. The initial stages will involve concept art provided by our experienced design team, followed by a rendered engineer mock-up. Once approved, we go into production to turn your idea into an inflatable reality!

Inflatable Shapes can be made to order to almost any size:

  • Frame Fabric: 100% PVC
  • Stability options: Tie down Straps or Feet
  • Accessories: Blower, Storage Bag and Steel Pins
  • Also includes a Repair Kit
  • Common Sizes – 6m, 8m, 9m, 12m
  • Custom Sizes and added 3D Shapes Available
Custom inflatable shapes can be manufactured in three ways.

Sewn Custom Inflatables
Similar to jumping castles where the fabric is sewn together. With this method the electric air blower needs to be on constantly as air continuously leaks through the sewn seams. If however power is lost due to a circuit breaker or blower fault, the custom inflatable will deflate within 30 seconds.

Glued Custom Inflatables
The advantage of this method is that after the custom inflatable is inflated, the electric air blower can be turned off. There is no reliance on constant power to maintain inflation.

Thermal Welded Custom Inflatables
Thermal welding is the ultimate method of making a custom inflatable and offers all the advantages of the glued method along with increased joint strength and a smooth almost seamless join. Extreme Canopy uses a state of the art German welding machine to ensure the highest quality is achieved through the manufacturing process.

Custom Printed Inflatables
Extreme Canopy can produce your ultimate inflatable marketing product. Our full color digital printing process will add whatever graphics, logos or photographs you require to brand your custom inflatable. As with all Extreme Canopy inflatables, we use only the highest quality PVC to enhance our full color digital printing process. Our PVC is imported from Belgium and France and offers the ultimate in resolution, definition and high quality color. After printing we hot seal our PVC to protect it against scratching, dirt and ultra violet light fading. With the correct care and maintenance your custom inflatable will last for many years, looking as good as the day it was purchased.