As 2019 ends, we at Extreme Canopy are glad to announce that this year has been amazingly awesome for us. We launched our new anodized frames at the SEMA Show, we partnered with the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) for their Baja racing events across several universities in the country, donated our canopies and promotional products to the University of California, Los Angeles, and only recently found out the 5 bestselling pop-ups, canopies, and accessories that our customers loved this year!

Intrigued? We were too!                


1. The X7 Tectonic 13′ x 26′ Custom Printed Canopy

x7 tectonic 13ft x 26ft package 4

The 13ft x 26ft pop-up canopy is part of the X7 Tectonic range and sports an array of amazing features that make event planning a breeze. The canopy features a robust 2 ¼” hexagonal frame profile that withstands squalls and strong gusts of wind effortlessly. The frame body is made of aluminum with galvanized feet for stability and a sturdy printed or plain roof that safeguards your guests against inclement weather and shields you from harmful UV rays. Check out the collection here!

2. The X7 Tectonic 10×15 Canopy Tent

X7 Tectonic Canopy Tent 10' x 15'

The second spot on our list goes to our 10×15 pop-up canopy from the X7 Tectonic range again. This ergonomic pop-up features a sturdy 2.25” leg profile supported by oversized truss bars resting atop heavy-duty commercial feet. The canopy features a standard 600D PVC-coated polyester roof with adjustable roof tensioning. Read the full spec here.

3. The X5 Explorer Commercial Grade Canopy 10×20

x5 explorer 10ft x 15ft yellow

This one’s for the professionals. Our X5 10X20 commercial tent has been stealing hearts all through 2019 with its solid built and stunning looks. The canopy features a 1.75” hexagonal leg profile with commercial nylon connectors, curved truss bars, and a standard commercial 500D PVC-coated polyester roof. Plus, want to know a secret? This one’s on sale! Grab it now.

4. The X7 Tectonic Custom Printed 10×10 Pop-Up Tent

x7 tectonic 10ft x 10ft package 3

The X7 is on a rage – and for all the right reasons. It’s a beauty and a beast in one!

Designed for commercial and professional events, this canopy has a super heavy-duty aluminum frame with a robust 2 ¼” hexagonal leg profile and oversized truss bars for utmost support. The frame and 600D commercial roof rest on top of galvanized steel feet that combat inclement weather perfectly. Take a look at the canopy and its features here.

5. The Instant Canopy Tent Sidewall

3m Plain Wall

Who would have guessed that a humble sidewall would outshine all other instant canopy accessories? Nearly all customers opt for this sidewall that’s made with heavy-duty 600D PVC coated polyester. You can buy it in 6 standard colors of white, black, red, green, blue, or yellow, or get it branded with your company’s logo, slogan, and business details. The sidewall is available in sizes of 10’x10’, 10’x15’, 10’x20’13’x13’13’x20’, and 13’x26’.

So there you go! Did you find anything to your liking? Or are you looking for something else? Speak to our customer service team to share your requirements. Or did you buy something from Extreme Canopy? How was your experience? Let us know in the comments below!