Can You Fit a Car Under a 10×20 Popup Canopy?

The excitement with which we bring a brand-new car home is similar to parenthood. We vow to guard our car against every scratch and dent that it could possibly come across. But day after day, the withering effects of harsh environmental conditions and several other external factors make our car lose its new-like glory, and we can’t help but witness this ruination, seeing our car become scrape before time.

So, you are driving to a business trip or a family vacation, and while you are busy making presentations or exploring the beauty of nature with your family, your car is out there in the open, exposed to sun and rain. You don’t realize, but your car goes through a lot – carrying all that load responsibly on rough terrains and busy roads, and never letting you down in the middle of the road. And so, letting it rest under a nice parking space is the least you could do before taking it out for your next day’s adventure. Parking your car under a safe spot doesn’t necessarily mean investing in expensive options that don’t fit well within your budget, you can even use a custom canopy or tent. Extreme Canopy, America’s premier supplier of custom tents and canopies, hears you!

Your Personal 10×20 Popup Canopy Parking Spot

What if we tell you that there’s a perfect parking solution that befits all cars and budgets? Yes, one thing that fits all!

Well, we are talking about your very own popup spot for parking or repair that would even fit in the trunk of your car just about right. All you need to bring home is a 10×20 popup canopy, and you don’t have to worry about your car’s safety again, ever. Now, the biggest reservations around considering canopies for parking are – ‘Would using them be hectic and time-consuming?’, ‘Can they be a permanent solution for my vehicle?’ and ‘Are tents waterproof?’. After all, of what use would they be if setting them up is a big task, or if they are unable to protect your ride in the rainy season?

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Well, Extreme Canopy‘s signature 10×20 popup canopy doesn’t just serve as a contemporary and stylish parking space for your car, but also ensures complete safety from the external elements. It boasts of an impressive UV50+ rating and is absolutely waterproof and fire-retardant to keep you covered during mishaps. Designed by leading industry engineers with the latest technology and globally-sourced, quality materials, this heavy-duty 10×20 canopy is easy to assemble and disassemble. As the name suggests, it pops up, just like that. And so, you will never have to break a sweat while setting up your portable parking tent!

Safeguard Your Ride With Extreme Canopy

Custom Printed 10x20 Canopy

Whatever your ride is, a small truck or the most lavish car, Extreme Canopy’s instant 10×20 popup canopy will be its perfect parking companion. It comes packed with an all-inclusive engineering structural certification to guarantee reliable protection to your car for many years to come. And there are plenty of options with the same durability to choose from.

If you prefer simple designs and solid prints, you can choose one of our plain yet vibrant colored canopies. And if you want to add some zing to your instant car parking, you can go for the customized options. Plus, you get to select the frame color, roof color, and wall color & quantity. Other than this, you can accessorize your car’s outdoor garage with a rain gutter, weight plates or mesh walls to increase its versatility even further.

Here are the features that make Extreme Canopy’s 10×20 canopy an all-weather companion to your car:

Durable Yet Compact

Usually, things that rank high on sturdiness, are heavier. But these 10×20 popup canopy tents are lightweight and easy to travel with. They can guard your car against stormy weather conditions and high temperatures.

High Quality Material

Every canopy at Extreme Canopy features a sturdy construction using PVC or PU-coated polyester imported from Belgium and France. This gives them unmatched strength and long-lasting shine to let your car rest in style.

Innovation Made Simpler

Our canopies practically need no assembly. They feature expandable frames that enable them to set up in under five minutes. To add to their functionality, the roofs and sides are made of fine quality fabric with options for custom printing available.

More Room for More Things

A 10×20 canopy fits almost all types of cars luxuriously, and the space doesn’t just end there. There’s always some more room to put a roof over your head while you are waiting for the rain to stop.

Valuable Promotional Option

Several car dealers in the US use 10×20 popup canopies to showcase the latest models. They use custom canopies to represent their dealership logos and brand name to enhance the visuals of their car, and amplify their marketing strategy.

Easy on Your Pocket

Extreme Canopy’s tents are a budget investment. With the promise of superior quality, our canopies are available at prices lower than other canopies available in the market. And… there’s free shipping on most of our products!

Wrapping Up!

X7 Tectonic printed red tent

By all means, a heavy-duty canopy tent looks like an ideal investment to gift your car a versatile shelter. The idea of having the perfect parking space reserved for your car is certainly unique, but when you assess it comprehensively, it is a very safe and reassuring option as well. And when you do not need a team to set it up, it’s also perfect for people who like to go solo on adventures.

Here’s a pro tip: A heavy-duty canopy tent is also an ideal investment for people who do not have a garage at home, or for event organizers and car dealers who want to accentuate the visual appeal of their cars on sale. It can also serve as a great gifting option for your close ones.

So, go to today, and invest in the freedom to take your parking space with you, wherever you go.