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Making Your Fundraisers Stand Out with Different Tents


For a fundraiser to work, it needs to stand out. Put simply, people need a reason to attend and donate. A fundraiser that comes across as run-of-the-mill will not attract attention or attendance—as a result, fewer funds will be raised. While there are many great ways to make your fundraiser stand out from the rest, one that is overlooked is…

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How a Custom Canopy Can Enhance Your Corporate Event Strategy


Awesome Custom Canopy Ideas For Your Next Corporate Event! Why Your Business Should be Participating in More Corporate Events Isn’t it fantastic that in the US and across the western world, the events industry appears to be booming once more and that people are starting to interact on a more personal level again! In 2016, 1.9 million meetings occurred, with…

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How to Create a Fantastic Marquee Wedding Experience


Creating a beautiful wedding experience with a custom marquee Hello to the wonderfully inspiring newly engaged couples of the world! We’d like to congratulate you on your engagement and help you on your journey to finding the perfect venue for your special day. We want to expand your option and talk to you about the potential of having a marquee…

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Canopy Tent Purchasing Guide


Everything You Need to Know About Canopy Tents & How to Choose the Best One Choosing the perfect Canopy Tent is not an easy task. There are hundreds of providers and often the task of choosing which canopy is the best can become difficult. Canopies are manufactured to all different specifications for a variety of applications. In this blog I…

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Must-Haves for Your Kids Travelling Sports Team


Are your kids part of a traveling sports team? Whether you’re the coach or the parent of a single team member, you want to do your part to contribute to your team’s success and ensure that your kids are having fun. There are several essentials that every kids traveling sports team needs — and in this guide, you can make…

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How to Order a Custom Little League Tent


Whether you’re the proud parent of a youth athlete, the enterprising owner of a small business, or the energetic coordinator of a local nonprofit, you may have considered buying a custom tent for your organization. A custom little league tent will provide shelter and eye-catching aesthetic appeal when in use. A high-quality product will also be easy to set up…

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Spring Activities to Bring Your Custom Canopy


Spring is a time of changing weather and lifting spirits. Amidst April showers, May flowers, and everything else going on outside, spring ushers in the start of the outdoor events season. Barbecues begin, festivals fire up and sporting events abound. To take advantage of spring weather when it cooperates, and to stay safe and dry when it doesn’t, it’s an…

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10 Ways to Stand Out with Your Trade Show Booth


Are you attending a trade show this year? Take the event by storm by making your booth the best of the best. In this guide, we’ll show you how to supercharge promotion, optimize exposure, and build meaningful brand connections with 10 trade show booth ideas from our event experts at Extreme Canopy.   1. Start Promoting Long Before the Show…

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7 Tips for Making Your Vendor Booth Stand Out with a Branded Canopy


Is there a vendor event forecasted in your future? Markets, fairs, festivals, craft shows and direct sales events are great ways to increase exposure, build meaningful connection and make a few sales in the process. But before you can do all of that, you need a booth. Your vendor booth is your home base. It’s your storefront and your office.…

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5 Steps to Successfully Marketing Your Sports Team or Sporting Event


Much like mastering a sport, marketing a sports team or a sporting event takes time, strategy and a bit of finesse. The best of the best make use of every resource at their disposal, and they are always looking for new ways to improve their game. With successful sports marketing comes an assortment of rewards: improved organization image, more fans…

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