Isn’t it fantastic that in the US and across the western world, the events industry appears to be booming once more and that people are starting to interact on a more personal level again!

In 2016, 1.9 million meetings occurred, with 251 million delegates. From these events over $325 billion of direct spending and $845 billion in business sales was generated, according to the Oxford Economics and Events Industry Council.

This revenue was accumulated by activities from a mixture of internal and overseas businesses and displays the potential earnings and expansion that your business has to gain from being involved in such occasions.

This is further proven by the fact that the industry has done nothing but grow year on year, whilst others have continued to take a downturn. It’s reasons like this why it’s absolutely no wonder why more businesses are opting to access their audiences through targeted events and clever face to face pitching techniques, instead of sticking to the now more conventional modern methods of digital marketing and online activity.

After all, the online market place has become so crowded and competitive in some sectors, that smaller businesses often struggle to compete with those who are already established.

Furthermore, a distinct skill gap in the area of computer technology and online marketing skills in older generations is also a big barrier for business owners who did not experience any sort of computer training at all during school.

Participation in events gives less techy business owners and managers the opportunity to sell the old-fashioned way, while having just as much chance as being seen as any other businesses that are selling at that event.

It’s a fact, events still remain a great way to sell to potential new markets and customers, and a fantastically alluring professional event stand, tent or stall increases your chances of winning those customers for your business even more…


Being bold, different and engaging is the secret to pulling off a lucrative event day for your business. Having an eye-catching set up, funky visuals and things for event delegates to interact with is a MUST!

So why not be a little inventive and think of something that’s really outside of the box?

You need to choose the perfect look that helps you to stand out by picking something that’s functional, yet grabs attention while also matching the type of event perfectly with your organizations brand.

It’s an easy balance to get wrong, but with the right guidance, you can find the perfect custom canopy to suit your businesses need and attract those customers.


custom tent is like your organizations Lady Liberty! It stands proudly as a beacon of hope to your customers and emulates the bold, strong message that you are the business that they need.

This doesn’t mean that your custom tent has to be boring or overly corporate, but a badly branded or sorry looking tent is like turning up to a black-tie dinner in sweatpants.

Those who nail the clean, fresh, custom look are the definitive winners at every event as, people flock towards things that they consider cool, comforting and clear!

So, how do you achieve this look for yourself?

We have created a couple of suggestions especially for businesses who are looking to up their event presence with an awesome addition to their offline marketing materials.

You can view our suggestions below, create your own style or get inspired elsewhere, but remember to go to your next event armed with an amazing image!


Cutting-edge businesses deserve cutting-edge style if you ask us!

If you’re a digital company, a tech developing firm or work with other organizations that drive the future, then why not uphold this by giving your customers the ‘WOW factor’ and creating a canopy that’s just as smart as your business itself?

Ideas that you could explore include the captivating inflatable tents and custom canopies in our OMEGA range. Inflatable canopies add an extra dimension to your sales space, intrigue customers into saying hello and help you to display the coolest of innovations in the quirkiest of places.

You could do a live demonstration of your latest amazing update, create activities for event delegates to get involved with or even just let your products do the talking – it’s entirely up to you!

But, if you’re a company that likes to think it’s ahead of the competition on style and substance, make sure that your events space displays that for you with a custom canopy that has your name all over it.


Want to provide a more personal experience for your potential customers?

If you sell complex products that require a bit more explanation regarding how they work or their features, then for events you will need to strategize how you are going to segregate your potential customers so that they can concentrate for long enough to hear your pitch.

Choosing a slightly more closed off style of canopy with just one way in and one way out could help you to create a more intimate space for you to chat, explain and sell.

You could get some comfy arm chairs and create a mini office or feature a bar style set up to help the customer to feel more at home and also remove distractions as well as competitors from their sight.

A lot of customers are warming to a more personalized selling approach nowadays, so by creating a space where they feel they can communicate with people that care about what they’re looking for, you are giving them the extra attention that they need to feel comfortable enough to make a purchase.

Try it at your next event with our professional custom pinnacle tents and let us know if it makes a difference to your business event success.


Are you taking a central spot at your next corporate event?

If your organization has a lot of personality and you love to open your doors to a more chatty style of sell, then an all-access open tent from the star and arch custom tent range could be the perfect fit for you!

This type of tent is also great if you can manage to bag your business a centerpiece position in an event space, as you can get a 360-degree view of your environment and of all of those lovely prospects that are walking around waiting to be inspired to buy.

You will never miss an opportunity, as you will quite clearly see who is passing by and, perhaps more importantly, who is interacting with different business stands and how they were drawn in.

Events aren’t just about selling, they’re about learning about your audience too.

If you’ve never thought about this before, then try a few observational exercises at the next event that you attend or go undercover as a delegate to get a first-hand experience, then use all of the best elements to enhance your business and the way you pitch.

To help you out, you can discover a range of different custom canopy designs with a number of size and entrance options for you to choose from and get a great canopy that will get your business noticed and make your brand look fantastic!


Regardless of your objectives when attending corporate events, it’s no secret that a great image increases your chances of success.

People are attracted to beautiful and fun looking places and things, so make sure that you give your business the best possible chance of getting some great deals by investing in getting yourself noticed by the right people!

This means having an amazing image, a perfect pitch and the products and services that make a difference to the way that your potential customers live, work and relax!

We hope that this article helps you to develop your corporate event strategy further and has given you some great ideas on how to enhance your organizations visibility, intractability and salability.

All that’s left for you to do is choose the right style, design and size for your next big event.

At Extreme Canopy, our team would be more than happy to help you with anything that you need. Our expert custom canopy and tent makers are here to share their expertise and help you make great choices that will produce fantastic results for your business.

Get in touch to get brilliant custom canopy design advice or place your order today!