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Extreme Canopy is excited to announce the winners of our Giveaway! The winner will need to contact Extreme Canopy via Facebook by 28/09/2019 to claim their prize. Keep an eye on our Facebook page for more chances to win!  

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Pop Up Canopy vs Inflatable Tents for Events

tyerpower cairns expo printed inflatables emx banners

Investing in a tent for your business, sports team or other organization? In terms of portability, easy setup and versatile performance, there are few better choices than pop-up tents and inflatable tents. In this guide, our experts at Extreme Canopy discuss the differences between these two types of tents. We provide basic design overviews for both pop-up tents and inflatable tents while discussing their many benefits for users. We also provide resources and links to our very own industry-leading pop up tent and inflatable tents for events product lines. Read on to learn more about pop up canopy tents and…

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How to Stand Out at a Dirt Biking or Action Sports Event with a Pop up Canopy Tent

x5 explorer 10′ x 20′ canopy tent top print package 4 with fence wrap

Are you attending a dirt biking or action sports event in the near future? To ensure that your organization gains followers and your brand gets recognition, you’ll want to stand out as much as possible. In this guide, our event experts at Extreme Canopy provide tips and tricks for standing out at any action sport events with pop up canopy tent.   Go Big with a Branded Pop up Canopy Tent At any action sport event, your brand will be competing with hundreds of others for exposure in a sea of loud machinery, rugged conditions, chaotic crowds and bright colors. To…

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5 Essentials for Your Travelling Business

X7 Tectonic black printed tent

For businesses of any size, exposure is everything. Increased exposure leads to more interest from prospective customers, which in turn leads to more business. If you are looking to increase exposure for your business, traveling is one of the best moves to make. Attending conventions, trade shows and a myriad of other events in your area and beyond is an excellent way to display your brand to a greater audience. In fact, many businesses—such as craft fair vendors, food vendors and farmers market retailers—traveling is an essential part of the job. Without travel and event attendance, these businesses simply would…

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5 Qualities to Look for in a Pop-Up Canopy

x5 explorer 10′ x 15′ canopy tent top print package 1 with 3 side wall

  Searching for portable, versatile shelter that can be customized to fit your branding needs? A pop-up canopy is the perfect solution for you. These space-efficient tents can be used as temporary shelter at outdoor and indoor events ranging from conventions and festivals to sports games and large family gatherings. A quality pop-up canopy is not only easy to set up — it will also last you for years. However, not all pop-up canopies are created equal. In this guide, our experts at Extreme Canopy separate the good pop-up canopies from the bad. Below, you’ll find 5 qualities to look for in…

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Making Event Employees Comfortable: A Guide for Businesses and Organizations

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Attending events is a great way to increase your organization’s exposure and build your brand. Sporting events, fairs, music festivals, trade shows and a host of other events can put you in contact with hundreds to thousands of potential customers, so it’s important to show up and be ready. To reach as many people as possible and stand out from the competition, it’s best to work with a team to maximize outreach and optimize operations at your station. Whether you pay employees or recruit volunteers, you’ll want to do everything you can to keep your team comfortable at your next…

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Creating a Unique Event with Custom Inflatable Event Tents

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If you are attending an event or putting one on, you want to leave an impression. Standing out at your next event will help increase exposure and recognition for your organization, ultimately leading to increased action from potential customers and clients. While there are several great ways to stand out at any event, one of the biggest and most important is using creative, eye-catching shelter. The shelter you use at your event space can attract the eyes of potential customers and keep them in your space while they learn more about your goods and services. Though there are many types…

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Everything You Need to Know About Wedding Tent Extras

2023 crest gallery landing tiles private wedding

Planning a wedding? You’ll want to have proper shelter to host activities like dining, dancing, games and sometimes even the ceremony itself. When looking for the perfect wedding tent for your wedding or rental business, there are several factors to consider, including size, shape and tent extras. This guide focuses on the latter: wedding tent extras. Below, our tent manufacturers discuss the ins and outs of wedding tent extras: what they are, what they do and which ones may be useful for you.   Why Order a Wedding Tent? When planning a wedding, there are several essentials that you should…

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Making Your Brand Stand Out at an Event

Folding Marquees Custom Printed 4mx6m photo2 min

Want to showcase your brand and build your clientele? Event attendance is an excellent way to do just that and more. Events such as trade shows, music festivals, county fairs, sports games and other large gatherings provide businesses and other organizations with ample opportunities for increased exposure and interaction with potential patrons and partners. If you’re going to be attending an event with your organization, you want to do everything you can to make your brand stand out. We’re here to help you come prepared. In this guide, Extreme Canopy’s event experts cover several essentials for making your brand stand…

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