What is Baja SAE racing? It is an intercollegiate design competition by the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE). Almost every university in the U.S. has a competitive team with creative, intelligent and team-oriented students. There are many different types of racing competitions that SAE hosts, such as Aero Design, AutoDrive Challenge, Baja, Clean Snowmobile Challenge, Formula Hybrid, Formula, Formula Electric and Supermileage. Among these competition, one thing remains – the need to advertise the team to gain more university recognition.

Extreme Canopy has sponsored many Baja SAE teams at many universities around the nation. We enjoy the work that these teams have done, and the best way to express our encouragement is through donating custom canopy tent. Many teams have said that their Extreme Canopy has turned heads during competitions, especially when other teams may not have a printed tent. It also allows for them to showcase their team better to the judges. We enjoy seeing healthy competition, especially to large competitive events like Baja.

Teamwork among the teams is essential to get the car complete for competition. Many teams have reported that their custom canopy tent has provided sun protection when they are working on their car or other parts. Extreme Canopy is proud to see that students are able to critically think and organize their team to work together, especially under difficult weather conditions and build their race cars.  The canopy also provides a sense of togetherness for teams. They are able to gather around their tent to showcase their car they constructed.

Extreme Canopy is proud to sponsor student organizations where they are encouraged to utilize their education to real word application. We sincerely enjoy seeing our product making a difference in students’ lives.

If you have a student team at your organization or university, please reach out to us and let us know if your team can benefit from a canopy or other custom promotional products. We are more than delighted to check out your club and see if we can assist your team in any way.