There are many different companies you can purchase a pop-up tent from. How do you know where to buy from? Researching for the best instant canopy for your needs is especially important when you are spending more than anticipated.

First, assess your needs for a canopy. Do you need your canopy for frequent use? Will you be using this canopy for trade shows, marketing events or even for everyday business use? If so, you should look for a canopy that is highly regarded as being sturdy and well trusted. Extreme Canopy is known for it’s durable and super duty X7. We pride ourselves in this product. In fact, we even suspend our own CEO’s BMW onto it because we can trust it! Do you see any other company willing to go to the extreme? No – and this is where Extreme Canopy stands out from its competitors.

Second, when seeking a custom printed canopy, what should you be concerned about? The design, printing or fabric? Why not all of the above? When you’re designing your canopy and you’re not sure where to start, you don’t have to worry when you purchase from us. We have a graphics department to assist you with your needs. Our expertise in graphic design and our attention to detail is unmatched and we will continue to work with you until you are completely satisfied. We require to you formally approve your artwork layout before we send to print, therefore nothing will be printed without your consent. Most other companies print via screen printing. Screen printing is not made to last. We use a heat sublimination dye technique that embeds the ink into the fabric. This will prevent chipping from your design overtime. Our fabric also differs. We have a 500D UV coated fabric that will allow for your canopy to be protected when in the sun and thick enough to resist water. Again, this is where Extreme Canopy stands out when compared to competitors.

Lastly, promotions! When you’re investing a lot of your hard-earned money into something that you’re expecting a return from, you want to get the best deal, right? We are known for having the lowest price guarantee and we can discount with the more products you purchase. We always can offer a special deal when you order. Repeat customers are known for getting the best deals. Extreme Canopy is known for its instant canopies. But did you know we sell just as many table covers and flags? If you order other promotional items, we can also discount these. Do other companies offer multiple item discounts? No – and this is where we give “Extreme” discounts!

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