10 Reasons Why a 10×10 Custom Canopy is Perfect for Tradeshows and Events

The 10×10 custom canopy is the most popular size for event canopies in the US. Whether you’re planning to participate in an upcoming tradeshow or looking for a durable and attractive promotional tent to set up in the Farmers’ Market, 10×10 is the ideal size for events of all kinds.

But why?

Doesn’t a bigger tent offer more space?

Well, you are right. But the ease of set up, convenience of storage and flexibility of customizing make a 10×10 custom tent truly incredible in this space.


Here are 10 More Reasons to Pick Up a 10′ x 10′ Printed Canopy for Your Next Event!
1. Unobstructed Viewing in a Single Glance

cs canopy customised tent for promotion

Imagine you walk into a store but it’s so huge that you can’t observe everything at the same time. You will have to make extra effort to cover the entire ground. Not many people would be up for that. This applies to big tents too.

A bigger tent will no doubt, have more space for everything but when viewed by onlookers and passers-by, it will appear huge. This might deter some people from entering inside. A 10×10 custom tent, on the other hand, is just the right size. It is neither too small nor too big and will encourage visitors to walk up to it. This means that,


2. A 10’x 10′ Promotional Tent Also Appears Friendlier

x6 velocity 10′ x 10′ food canopy tent black with flags and commercial umbrella

What happens when you walk into an extremely plush store? You become afraid of breaking stuff or don’t feel like you fit in. Booths that carry an extra layer of grandiose may turn off visitors and potential clients. Bigger tents often play on the psychology of people – if the tent is big, the services or products must be expensive too. The fear of not fitting in might scatter your visitors.

The benefits of 10×10 canopy can be seen here. It is neither that big that potential leads will feel intimidated nor is it that small that 5 visitors at the same time will ‘cram up’ the space. Plus, it


3. Complies to the Standard Exhibition Spaces at Most Events and Tradeshows

X7 Tectonic printed black tent

That’s right.

Unless it’s a major international show, chances are that the venue offers spaces enough to set up a 10×10 event tent with logo and a couple of promotional banners and flags. If you carry a bigger tent, you might have to lease out additional space that may or may not be available right next to your area. Ultimately, you will have to buy a 10×10 only, in addition to the canopy that you already own.

That being said, why not begin with a 10×10 tent, instead of going through the ordeal above? It’s actually better for business too.


4. You Can Fit the Exact Number of Visitors Your Team Can Handle at a Time

do47994 the mini foundry x5 3x3m 03

A standard, 10×10 custom tent from Extreme Canopy covers an area of about 100 sq.ft. that can be arranged in a number of ways. A stand-up, cocktail arrangement can house up to 16 to 20 people at a time; you can place about 10 to 12 chairs with 8’ rectangle tables; and about 10 chairs with 60” round tables.

This means that whether you’re planning to set up a booth at an exhibition or a tradeshow, planning a corporate product launch with drinks, or organizing a webinar for your business partners, you can provide effective services to your patrons without compromising their participation in the ongoing activities. Arrangements inside a 10×10 custom tent is also easier for your team – they can tend to all clients or visitors without feeling overwhelmed or bogged down.


5. They Can be Setup a 10′ x 10′ Canopy Without a Full-Fledged Crew

kristi montes limon do47102 3x3m printed 01 edit tall edited

A lot of people have a preconceived notion that they will need a crane or a ten-people crew to set their tent up. This is true only in case of wedding tents or dome tents or other types of special tents such as arch or inflatable tents. For a 10×10 printed canopy, you just need two of your most enthusiastic team members! That’s all.


#6. They Can Also be Printed Quickly

folding marquee velcro awnings

This is pretty obvious. It takes less time to design and deliver a 10×10 printed canopy, because they have a relatively smaller area to cover – compared with the 13×26 or the 20×20 canopies. If you feel that this is bad for business, think again.

Our expert designers can print everything that you want on your canopy fabric without cluttering, compromising the quality of the artwork or making the font size shorter. We offer a no-obligation demo mock-up and share the final design for printing only after you give us the go-ahead. You’re in safe hands. Just read the 100+ reviews our customers have shared over the years and see for yourself. Notice how the 10×10 canopies have the most features and choices available.


7. They are the Most-Brought Outdoor Shelters

X7 Tectonic custom printed tent

This means that you can find a lot of options in frames (such as fiber, glass, stainless steel or rustproof aluminum), fabrics (PVC-coated polyester, PU-coated polyester, cloth, vinyl) and features (guy ropes, extra detachable valences, Velcro straps and so on). Moreover, you can compare options from different sellers and buy one that’s suitable for your requirements.


8. A 10′ x 10′ Custom Canopy is Ideal for All Kinds of Events

X7 Tectonic printend blue tent

A 10×10 tent can be used for both commercial and non-commercial events. You can throw a backyard barbeque party or celebrate your kid’s first birthday underneath it. You can set it on the pavement outside your store for a quick sanitization dock for incoming goods. Or you can use it at an upcoming Farmers’ Market or Tradeshow. Regardless of where you set it up, a 10×10 canopy is fun and compact.


9. Easy to Transport, Carry, Setup and Store

x5 explorer canopy tent top print package 3 black

At 50lbs, the Extreme Canopy 10×10 tents are lightweight and ergonomically designed. They can be transported to the event site in the back of your truck, carried to and from the venue and set up in no time. Following the event, they can be safely stored inside their carry bags without any hassle.

You know what this is?

It’s your peace of mind and the safety of your guests guaranteed!

The best part? A 10×10 printed canopy is incredibly affordable to own. You know what this means?


10. You Can Invest More In Collateral or Paid Promotions

The biggest apprehension small businessowners have is the costs associated with buying an outdoor promotional tent. This is why they go for rentals. However, the 10×10 canopies can be purchased in as less as $300 – leaving you enough budget to get custom printing done and order a promotional banner or two. Some of our more experienced clients also prefer investing in a printed tent for on-site promotion and using the other part of their tradeshow marketing budget for paid online ads and social media marketing.

So, there you go – 10 great reasons to invest in a 10×10 custom canopy. Hopefully, you will be able to take an informed decision after reading this article. Questions? Queries? Thoughts? Share it with us in comments below or call us at 888 201 1968to place your order!