Get the latest scoop on canopies.

Wondering what you can do to quickly gather people around? Instant canopies might be what you’re looking for. Below is an outline of many ways you can use a canopy:

  1. Outdoors, with friends and family:

Deciding to go on a trip that might require outdoor activities? Best way to avoid the sun and protect your loved ones is to have instant shelter. Not just any kind though. A heavy-duty one that is sure to last you a long time. The ones you can get at your local store is not sufficient and are usually made to be light weight.

  1. Tailgating!

If you ever wanted to go to a football game, you probably thought about tailgating before the game. With all the fun going on, you definitely need to cover your friends from the sun. You can get your canopy customized to your favorite team too, check out Extreme Canopy for custom printed canopies. They also sell customized inflatables, if you want to stand out and be different from others! After comparing all of the brands, I think the price is reasonable for the product you’re getting.

  1. Promotional events and field marketing

Does your company have a big event coming up? Jazz up your booth with a custom printing! Trust me – you need your booth to be customized to stand out in the sea of booths. It will make your company recognizable and potentially more visitors will stop by. When you set up your printed tent, your table cover and flags can also match. The more customized items, the more the visitors will remember your team and booth.

  1. Camping

If you’re planning on a camping trip, you’ll need a tent alright! One for sleeping, and one for the barbecue area. The barbecue area is a much larger area that requires a bigger tent, that’s more open for everyone to gather around. To make your life easier, purchasing an instant one is much more reasonable – no more messy setup!

There are so many ways you can use your instant canopy tent, either for fun or for work!

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