Whether you are supporting the Patriots or the Packers, the Pistons or the Pacers, there are two things that are always true in the world of sports. The first is that it’s great to see your team win. The second is that no matter if your team is winning or losing, tailgating is an exciting, fun-filled ritual great for fans of all ages. Looking to step up your tailgating game? If you want to have the best pregame party on the lot, you are going to need the best canopy tent for tailgating on the lot. You may know a whole lot about your favorite team. You may be able to barbeque and rig up a TV to a power generator. But do you know a lot about canopy tents and why they’re important for tailgating?

Whether you’re a tent expert or new to the game, this page has the resources to help you find the perfect tent for your next tailgate. Here, our experts at Extreme Canopy cover all topics related to tents for tailgating: how to choose them, which kinds are available, and why Extreme Canopy products are always a great choice for your team. Start here to take on your next tailgate and triumph.


Tailgating is a marathon, not a sprint. You’re there to hang out, eat and drink, and enjoy each other’s company while celebrating your team. Like most marathons, tailgating takes place outside and lasts for several hours. Tailgates take place during rain, sleet, snow, or excessive sunshine. For this reason, shelter is a necessity. You need something temporary yet effective. You need the best canopy tent for tailgating you can find.

Not only are canopy tents portable, easy-to-set-up, and a great source of shelter — they’re also an excellent way to celebrate your team. The best canopy tent for tailgating is one you can customize when you order it. Choose your color and add text, logos, or even photos to celebrate your team in style. You’ll be the talk of the tailgate.


Don’t know much about canopy tents? That’s okay. That’s what we’re here for. In this section, our tent experts here at Extreme Canopy cover three quick tips to help you find the best canopy tent for tailgating at your favorite team’s home games. This is your playbook.

  • Do Business With Companies That Specialize in Tents. You wouldn’t want your quarterback kicking your field goals or your striker playing goalie. Just like with sports, you want to do business with companies that specialize in manufacturing the product you’re trying to buy. In this case, you’re looking for a canopy tent. Manufacturers that are jacks of all trades can sometimes have decent tents, but often they are stretched too thin to really focus on the finer details. Even worse are mega-retailers that don’t make the tents at all. They may offer good deals, but they typically don’t know anything about their products — which are often subpar. Service from these retailers won’t always be there when you need it, and warranty agreements (discussed below) may be less-than-satisfactory. Work directly with a highly-reviewed manufacturer that specializes in tents to ensure high-quality tent construction backed by unwavering customer service.
  • Look for Warranties, Not Empty Promises. Until you have done business with a company, their word doesn’t mean all too much. Don’t trust advertising — trust a warranty instead. That’s when you’ll really know if you are getting the best canopy for tailgating available on the market. Look for warranties that are multiple years long rather than months. The longer the warranty, the longer your tent is likely to last without issue. You are there to support your team to the end, and your tailgating tent should be designed to do the same.
  • Seek Out High-Quality Materials. If a company isn’t telling you what they’re constructing their tents out of, it’s more than likely that they’re using run-of-the-mill (or worse, poor-quality) materials. If you aren’t seeing a materials list anywhere on a tent you’re looking at, steer clear of that. See the word “plastic” everywhere, avoid that product. Plastic just can’t hold up and will likely snap or warp after just a few uses. Look for sturdy-yet-lightweight aluminum in your frame and a strong, waterproof material like PVC-coated polyester for fabric roof and sides of your tent.


No two team logos, jerseys, or color patterns are the exact same, so why are there so many bland white pop-up tents out there with no originality? Here are a couple of options to buck the boring trends and instead bring your A game with your best pop-up tent for tailgating yet.

  • Inflatable Tents. You are always the first one to the tailgate bright and early to get the spot secured, the pulled pork into the slow cooker and the ribs onto the BBQ. Sure, other diehards will get there pretty soon after you, but why wait for someone else to get there to set up your tent? Consider blow up tents for tailgating. Equipped with an electric pump, they can be set up and packed up by a single person with ease. Since they don’t have rigid frames, they can also be manufactured in a wide range of shapes and sizes—great for catching eyes in any tailgating crowd.
  • Canopy Side Walls, Flags and Banners. Already got a canopy that you use at your tailgate? Look into augmenting it by adding in customized walls adorned with your team’s logo. Don’t have room to add a wall? Get a team flag or banner to hang on your tent or stand up out in front of your tailgating area. Flags and banners are great for allowing the other tailgaters in your posse to find you in the sea of BBQs, tents and other tailgaters.
  • Custom Printed Canopy Tent . Why not combine your need for a tent and your need to show off your immense team pride? Get a logo tailgating tent and take care of shelter and team spirit in one fell swoop. A logo tailgating tent is a tried-and-true pop-up tent with custom ordering options designed to help fans like you create the perfect team-specific tent. Choose your color scheme and add text, logos, and even photos to your roof and sides for a look the parking lot won’t soon forget.


As a sports fan, you want your team to have the best players, coached by the best coaches. As a tailgater, you want the best equipment, made from the best manufacturers. At Extreme Canopy, we’re the best in the game, bar none. We proudly design and manufacture our wide range of custom tents for tailgating using high-quality materials, the industry’s finest manufacturing equipment and our decades of unparalleled experience. We’ve crafted thousands of standard and custom tents for clients worldwide. You’ve probably seen at least one of our tents at a tailgate you’ve attended. Our products are protected by excellent warranties and our unwavering customer service. We cut out the middleman and sell directly to you to keep prices low and meet your needs. When you want the best canopy tent for tailgating, there is simply no better choice. Check out our extensive selection of standard and custom instant canopy tents, inflatable tents, star tents, large  event tents and more, and buy the very best for your next tailgate with our team here at Extreme Canopy!