How to Stand Out at a Dirt Biking or Action Sports Event with a Pop up Canopy Tent

Are you attending a dirt biking or action sports event in the near future? To ensure that your organization gains followers and your brand gets recognition, you’ll want to stand out as much as possible. In this guide, our event experts at Extreme Canopy provide tips and tricks for standing out at any action sport events with pop up canopy tent.

Go Big with a Branded Pop up Canopy Tent

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At any action sport event, your brand will be competing with hundreds of others for exposure in a sea of loud machinery, rugged conditions, chaotic crowds and bright colors. To help your brand stand out in this environment, you want to fight fire with fire, so to speak. This means that you want your branding to be louder and more colorful than the competition. That way, passersby and professionals alike will take notice. The best way to go big with branding? Brand colorfully, and brand everywhere. Include your company’s logo and slogan on all of your merchandise, and be sure that your brand is displayed on your event tent, tables, banners and every other event gear.

Prioritize Durability of Pop up Canopy

Action sports events often take place outdoors, sometimes in harsh conditions. Further, most action sports events involve massive groups of people and the movement of large equipment. The atmosphere can be hectic — and if you’re not properly prepared, your property may suffer. To ensure that your event setup stays strong during any action sports event, invest in high-quality gear that’s built to last. For your shelter, tables and chairs, choose materials that aren’t flimsy or prone to corrosion. Weatherproof fabrics are essential, as are fade-resistant logos and decals printed on those fabrics. You want your gear to both stand out and stand up to anything the weather throws at it during your next action sports event, which is why prioritizing durability cannot be stressed enough.

Stand Out with a Smart Shelter

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Though durability is important, it’s not the only factor you’ll want to consider when investing in gear for your next action sports gathering or rally. For the largest and single most important piece of event gear in your arsenal, your shelter, there are a number of additional aspects to consider. Among these are size, ease-of-use, portability, set-up times, branding options and more. To get the most out of your investment, you want to choose smart shelter that’s not only durable but also high-performing in all of the above areas. To get started, consider your event-related needs. How much space will you require? How much set-up time and assistance will you receive? How much branding do you want on your shelter? Answering these questions will help you get an idea of the type of shelter you’ll need for your next action sports event.

The Advantages of Pop up Canopy Tents

Among the many event shelter options available on the market today, few are better for action sports events like pop up canopy tents. Why? Here are several reasons:

Short Set-up and Pack-up Times

Pop-up canopy tents are often called “instant canopies” thanks to their near-instantaneous set-up and pack-up times. Engineered with expandable frames and easy-to-affix fabric, pop-up canopy tents require virtually no assembly and can be set-up and taken down in a matter of minutes.

Lightweight and Foldable

x6 velocity 10′ x 10′ print package 3 with one side banner for paint work event

Pop-up canopy tents are designed to fit into space-efficient carrying bags that can be easily transported in vehicles of nearly any size. This makes these tents an excellent choice for action sports events.


Quality Materials

Sadly, not all pop-up canopy tents are created equal. However, the best-of-the-best action sports tent products are made with high-quality, commercial grade materials built to perform in even the most demanding conditions. Heavy-duty pop-up canopy tents engineered with aluminum frames and weatherproof fabrics make excellent choices for outdoor action sports events.


Customization Options

Again, not all pop up canopy tent manufacturers offer custom options for their products. However, those that do can help you craft perfect canopy tent for your needs. When shopping for a pop up canopy tent, get the most out of your future investment by partnering with a manufacturer that offers custom options.

Looking for an alternative to pop up canopy tents for your next action sports event? Check out lightweight, sturdy and user-friendly inflatable tents.

Why Choose a Custom Action Sports Canopy Tent?

If you’re investing in a canopy tent for your next action sports event, there is no better choice than a custom product. Custom action sports canopy tents give you the option to select from a number of different sizes, designs and fabric add-ons to build the perfect structure for your needs. Best of all, custom canopy tents feature custom printing options, which means you can outfit your roof and sides with brilliantly-printed text, graphics and, in some cases, even photographs. When shopping for your custom canopy tent, be sure to ask if the manufacturer you’re working with offers fade-resistant ink and high-resolution printing for whatever images you want to print on your custom canopy tent.

Other Action Sports Advertising: Banners and Flags

printed advertising flags and banners in australia

In addition to your shelter, there are a number of other advertising products you can invest in to help your organization stand out at the next action sports event you attend. Some of the most affordable and effective advertising solutions for action sports events include banners and flags. Banners can be hung from any surface on your space (including your canopy tent) or ordered as free-standing advertising solutions. Some excellent banner styles to use at your next action sports event include pull-up bannerspod pop bannerscustom table covers and custom hanging banners. Flags are eye-catching, freestanding advertising signs that can be set up almost anywhere for extra exposure. Popular event flags include feather flags, which have a billowing feather-shaped design, and teardrop flags, which have a distinctive, more-rigid teardrop shaped design. Both can be used to great effect at any action sports event.

Learn More and Shop Action Sports Canopy Products at Extreme Canopy

Interested in learning more about how to stand out at a dirt biking or action sports event? Ready to invest in the high-quality gear you need to beat the competition with your branding? At Extreme Canopy, we’ve got you covered. We proudly design and manufacture a wide range of action sports canopy products, banners, flags and more — perfect for indoor and outdoor action sports events. Contact us to learn more about our custom options and get information on how you can do more to stand out at your next action sports event.