Why 20×20 Canopy is Everyone’s Favourite Party Tent?

The 20×20 custom tent is one of our bestselling canopies – and for all the right reasons. It’s durable, long-lasting and extremely versatile. Whether you want to celebrate your parents’ silver anniversary, plan a fun-filled community bake sale or host your company’s annual corporate day, the 20×20 canopy is perfect for any and all occasions.


What Makes the 20×20 Canopy an All-Time Favourite for Our Customers?

Size Matters – and the 20×20 Custom Canopy Tent is a Formidable Opponent

One of the things that makes outdoor events tricky is that you can never really be sure of the number of attendees. At a walled venue, extra chairs can be set up pretty quickly. Additional guests can also stand and watch the proceedings, but where will they be at an outdoor venue? Surely, they cannot remain outdoors. But what if there’s no arrangement for them inside?

x7 tectonic white plain tent on ship

A 20×20 canopy is big enough to fit about 40 people at 4 round tables or about 70 guests seated theatre style. Enough to accommodate all guests even if everybody decides to bring an additional guest along!

Pro Tip: The 20×20 canopy is a failproof option. But before buying a party tent, consider the head count, flooring, seating and table layout, music area, catering and space for a bar counter. Make sure to include some buffer space for the movement of servers, storing food and drinks, power generators and a few extra tables and chairs.


Venue is Equally Important – The 20×20 Canopy Can Be Setup Even on the Moon!

We’d provide you with enough weights, don’t worry.

Just kidding!

But where you plan to set up your party tent is as important as how big it should be.

The 20×20 canopy covers about 400 sq. ft. area and can easily accommodate about 50 guests, seating, tables, DJ and music equipment, dance floor and a few additional guests. The 20×20 custom canopy tent can be erected over grass, asphalt and paved grounds – so that you get the maximum returns on your investment.

Pro Tip: The flatter the ground, the more convenient it is to erect a canopy.


Inclement Weather – Beat it Like a Pro

The only thing worse than not hosting a party is having it ruined due to rains, high winds or too much sun. The 20×20 tent with sides is an excellent all-weather canopy that can withstand sudden rains, winds or heat. It is windproof, flame retardant and 50+ UV resistant, and stands the test of time and weather.

x7 tectonic 13′ x 26′ print package 3 black

Pro Tip: When buying any canopy, make sure to request wind, fire and water certifications from your vendor. FYI, the 20×20 custom tent comes with CPAI-84, NPFA 701 and California Fire Marshal Title 19 certification.

We took care of everything, so that you don’t have to.


Brand – Like There is No Tomorrow

Most corporate event organizers prefer using canopies for their events. A 20×20 logo canopy offers you the best bang for your buck.

Here’s Why:

  • We use Belgium imported, 600D, PU-coated polyester fabric for extra vivid and vibrant prints, so that your tent is visible from afar.
  • Our state-of-the-art digital printers ensure hassle free printing services – guaranteed to pique the interest of onlookers and passers-by.
  • 6-color, fade resistant inks to bring your branding to life and withstand everyday exposure to natural elements.
  • Robust frames and canopies – guaranteed to stand the test of time and weather.
  • Manufacturer’s warranty on the frame and fabric for up to 10 years – goes on to show how confident we are of the quality of our 20×20 canopy tents.


20×20 Tent for Sale: Salient Features at a Glance

The 20×20 canopy is part of our X7 Tectonic range, featuring a hexagonal leg profile, commercial extruded aluminum connectors and rust-resilient galvanized steel feet. The super heavy-duty frame of the 20×20 custom canopy tent is perfect for events of all kinds.

With a robust 2¼” profile, the 20×20 canopy’s performance is unmatched to any other branded tent in the market. The strong, commercial feet, oversized truss bars and aluminum connectors complement its strength – make it resilient to harsh weather conditions.

Our revolutionary technology makes these 20×20 tents easy to transport, light to carry and convenient to set up. You don’t even require a setup crew, just bring a friend along and erect your event venue within minutes.


10 Practical Tips to Deck Out Your 20×20 Canopy

X7 Tectonic Canopy Tent x7 20' x 20'

#1: Focus on creating a high ceiling. The lighting looks really amazing from higher ceilings and the entire interior is evenly lit up.

#2: Unique and big centerpieces add definition. Try bright floral arrangements or color-blocked dance floors for an upbeat, attractive center space.

#3: Give the entry and exit a grand appearance with arches, topiaries and pillars. Add a glow sign or neon light boards for a quirky effect.

#4: Drape your tent with extra ripples and folds to make it appear grander, luxurious and graceful.

#5: If you have the budget, we highly recommend setting up canopy villages. It’s a group of party tents erected together. So, for example, you could have two smaller teepee canopies with your 20×20 tent in the middle. This way, you can keep the main event in the biggest tent and run parallel events separately.

#6: If you don’t want to go for a canopy village, try adding curtains and doors to create distinct event zones under a single canopy.

#7: Don’t forget to carpet the ground. It adds a dash of color and facilitates guests to move around freely in heels. Carpeting is also a good idea if you want better sound absorption and finer acoustics.

#8: Add rugs, pillows and comforters to create a cozy ambience. Formal events can be accentuated with multi-layered tablecloths and seats.

#9: Spruce up autumn and summertime events with clear roof 20×20 canopy tents to usher in natural light.

#10: Keep the branding consistent inside and outside your custom canopy.

Ready to party? Place your order for the 20×20 custom canopy tent right away.

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