Turn Your 10×10 Printed Canopy Into a Lead Magnet With the Right Accessories

We once had a customer who bought a 10×10 printed canopy. Let’s call him Daniel.

Daniel set up his canopy in the upcoming tradeshow. After the event, we receive a rather furious call from him asking why did the tent not work its magic on tradeshow visitors? When we got to the bottom of the issue, we found that he just erected the tent and waited for customers.

Neither did he find out why visitors were “ignoring his booth” (his words, not ours), nor did he do look at other booths to find out what was missing at his booth.

Can you guess where he went wrong with his approach?

Daniel put all his eggs in one basket. He bought a 10×10 canopy with logo of his business, and that was that. He did not bother to check if there was some other way to up its ante to attract visitors.

This is the difference between successful and unsuccessful marketers.

Don’t be like Daniel.

Give your business the attention it deserves.

How Do You Do That?

Well, for starters, the devil is in the details. Smallest things matter the most. Your booth is the first thing people notice. If they are not impressed by what they see, don’t expect them to pick up a brochure or drop their business card to know more about your products or services.

A perfect design puts lighting, promotional collateral, and interior décor to use. If you’re doing this for the first time, make sure to seek expert guidance. Here are 3 must have accessories to transform your 10×10 printed canopy booth into a bustling business display:


Custom Printed Sidewalls for 10′ x 10′ Tents

x6 velocity 10′ x 20′ print package 3 with fence wrap

Printed tent walls enclose the entire tent area. They are detachable fabric sheets that you can hang down from the eave of your canopy across its perimeter. Sidewalls serve two purposes – they separate the interior from the outside and protect those inside against natural elements. They can also be custom printed with your branding to amp up your promotional efforts.

Sidewalls are usually attached to the canopy through ropes running along the perimeter. The ropes are sealed inside to allow sidewalls to be put up. You can set up a single sidewall or cover the complete area. Different styles can also be experimented with, to create a unique and welcoming space for your guests.

When Should You Install Sidewalls?
  • If you want to increase the overall branding area.
  • To shield and protect guests from water, UV-rays, insects, and dust.
  • Need to extend the event space for accommodating simultaneous events.
  • During informal or recreational events when there’s a need for creating separate spaces.

There are two main kinds of sidewalls: full sidewalls and half sidewalls.

Custom printed full-length sidewalls provide maximum area for branding and promotion. They are extremely helpful at tradeshows and networking events where every square inch of branding space is crucial.

Half walls, as their name suggests, provide all benefits of a custom sidewall but only go half as far. They are great for creating a clear entrance to your booth without enclosing the area completely.


Custom Printed Table Covers

green printed stretch fabric table cover

Custom printed table covers are very popular in marketing and advertising campaigns. They are ideal for all kinds of events, right from tradeshows, seminars, exhibitions, and farmers’ markets to charity fundraisers, college tail-gate events, and sports events. Printed table covers are versatile, appealing, and easy to use, which is why they’re unlikely to go out of style anytime soon.

Just like sidewalls, table covers also come in a variety of styles. A throw tablecloth is loose. It covers the table with folds hanging down, creating a fuller appearance. A fitted tablecloth hangs down and fits to the edge of table, offering maximum surface area for branding. A stretch table cover stretches over a table and covers it snugly without a loose fold.

These styles can also be used to create different designs. For instance, printed covers with open corners having cut seams near the bottom, custom fit table covers offer a wrinkle-free smooth fitting, crossover table covers carrying a distinct crossover design, and pleated covers look very stylish.

Why are Table Covers so Popular?
  • They cover unsightly tables.
  • Easy to carry, clean, and store.
  • Extremely affordable, with a long life.
  • Offer additional storage for extra material without creating an unorganized, messed-up side corner.


Custom Printed Advertising Flags and Banners for 10′ x 10′ Logo Tent

single sided banner telstra tweed

Printed flags are extremely popular add-ons with any custom tent 10×10. They’re vibrant, vividly printed, and sway rhythmically to grab the attention of passers-by. Banners and flags are excellent promotional assets for all kinds of events – whether you’re launching a new product, organizing a marathon, hosting a fundraiser, or promoting Black Friday sale at your store.

Advertising flags can be bought in several shapes and sizes. They can be placed both indoors and outdoors. You can print them on one side or go for double-sided printing. Some popular styles include feather and teardrop flags.

What Makes Advertising Flags So Effective?
  • They act as a natural extension of your booth, without taking up additional space to set up.
  • Just like table covers, printed flags are portable and easy to store. You don’t need additional equipment or labor to carry them to the event site.
  • Advertising flags offer extremely great ROI. They’re more of a long-term investment. Just get them printed once and you’re set for the next several years.
  • They can be set up literally anywhere – around the event site, in the parking lot, next to the food court, next to your booth and so on.

Apart from these three, there are two more must-have accessories for your 10×10 canopy with logo. They are not printable accessories, but definitely play their part to keep your canopy out of harm’s way.


Rain Gutters

canopy rain gutter

Rain rain go away.

Come again another day.

Nobody likes rainwater inside their booths soaking their visitors wet. A rain gutter might seem trivial at the time of purchasing your personalized 10×10 tent, but you’ll soon realize its true worth.

rain gutter is a modest PVC strip with eyelets to catch water from the roof and drain it down. They function similar to water gutters on the slope of houses. It prevents water from logging on the top of your canopy, causing water seepage. If the logging continues, there’s a big chance that the roof caves inside, causing destruction and injury.

What are the Benefits of Rain Gutters?
  • They keep the inside of a 10×10 printed canopy dry and drip-free.
  • They drain out excess water and prevent the canopy roof from caving in.
  • If two canopies are placed adjacent to each other, they prevent the leftover space from turning into a watershed area.


Tent Weights and Anchors


If you can lift your canopy, so can the wind – even the most heavy-duty ones. This is why it’s recommended to secure your canopy with weights or anchor it to the ground. A 10×10 logo tent from Extreme Canopy is resilient, but this doesn’t mean that it cannot be uprooted by strong gusts of wind.

How many weight plates you need depends on how heavy (or light), your canopy is. Divide the total weight among the four legs. The more weight you add, the stabler your canopy will be.

Extreme Canopy provides a protective cover and a set of 4 stainless steel pins with every 10×10 printed canopy that you buy. However, it’s recommended that you buy gazebo weights too, as the pins act as a supplement to the primary weight.

Then there’s the question of choosing between tent anchors and tent weights.

Tent anchors can be staked into the ground to secure your canopy into position. However, you cannot stake anything on a cemented floor. Tent anchors are, therefore, ideal for grassy fields.

Tent weights, on the other hand, are more versatile and practical. Since they are attached to frame legs, they can used over any surface, with or without anchors. The flipside is, tent weights are heavy to transport and take up more space than anchors.

Both the rain gutter and tent weights are essential to keep your canopy functioning at its best. Extreme Canopy offers a wide range of promotional collateral, water gutters, and weights for your 10×10 printed canopy. Browse through our online store to place your order!