The holiday season is here! Are you ready for the family gatherings? Over here on the west coast, it’s nice enough outside to put up a canopy and have an outdoor event. The element of a canopy will allow for everyone to gather around and feel welcomed.

What are you thankful for? We at Extreme Canopy are thankful for our family, friends and our customers of course! We pride ourselves in customer satisfaction, because when you order a custom canopy, we due diligence and make sure it is perfect to your standards. We know how important it is to have everything perfect. We don’t stop working until it’s absolutely finalized to your standards.

Do you have any fun Thanksgiving holiday traditions? Though the holiday is meant for overindulgence and food comas, your family can definitely change the tradition and have an outdoor active event, underneath your very own custom tent. It doesn’t have to be active, though. Being outdoors is nice to experience nature. No need to worry about the sun beating, as your canopy will keep you shaded.

Fall dinner parties outside are nice. Once you get a canopy for your parties, you’ll be dinner party ready!

Right after Thanksgiving will be Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Talk about deals! If you have your eye on a canopy, check us out for upcoming deals on your custom canopy and other accessories.

No matter the season, having an instant canopy tent is essential for all outdoor activities! As soon as you know it, the winter will be over and it will be warm again outside.

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