Tailgating With Your Team: 6 Tips and Tricks for the Ultimate Tailgate

With summer in full swing and fall not far away, it’s tailgating time. This time-honored tradition of setting up shop outside your favorite team’s stadium or field on game day is a great way to enjoy good food, meet other fans, and have a ton of fun no matter the weather. To make your canopy tent for tailgating setup as awesome as it can possibly be, there are a few supplies you’ll want to grab and few steps you’ll want to take before, during, and after your tailgate. In this guide, our event experts here at Extreme Canopy will cover the most important of each. Check out our must-read list of X tips and tricks for the ultimate tailgate, and shop industry-leading tailgate supplies from our team today!

1. Reserve Your Space

First thing’s first: you can’t tailgate without space. Some institutions require you to obtain a permit and reserve a space to tailgate officially. Others operate on a first-come-first-served basis. Check with your local sports team to learn how you can reserve your tailgating spot ahead of the big game, and be prepared to rise and shine early!

2. Take on the Weather with Canopy Tents for Tailgating

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It’s a known fact among tailgaters that the weather won’t always cooperate on game day. And when the going gets tough, the true fans get prepared. Many bring campers and trailers, which are great for personal use, but if you’re expecting a few guests or throwing a party, you’ll need a sheltered space to accommodate everyone. The best canopy tent for tailgating is an event tent. Portable options such as instant canopies, which feature four-legged expandable frames, roofs and optional sides, and almost zero assembly are an excellent solution for those in search of something they can pack in, set up quickly, and pack out. Inflatable tents, which used pressurized sent via an electric pump to stand up, are another great portable and easy-to-set-up option. While on the pricier side, they save labor and hassle. Plus, since they don’t have rigid frames, they can be manufactured in virtually any shape imaginable—great for attracting attention at your tailgate.

Other tent options included pavilion tents and pinnacle marquees, both of which share similar frame designs with instant canopies, though each of these tents features a more expansive roof for extra space inside. Star tents, which feature a center pole (or two) and fabric sides stakes around their perimeters in a star-like shape, are another good choice for those who want a uniquely-shaped tent. The largest of all event tents are crest event tents, which feature modular bays that allow them to be increased in size indefinitely, though these tents are only needed for the largest tailgate extravaganzas. When ordered directly from industry-leading manufacturers like our team here at Extreme Canopy, each of these tents can be customized with colors, texts, logos, and even photos — the perfect way to showcase your team spirit.

3. Celebrate Your Team with Ample Signage

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Aside from your canopy tent for tailgating , there are several other ways to represent your team at your tailgating station. One of the easiest and most effective is to invest in a few weather-resistant signs. Hangable custom banners are great for hanging on the sides of tents, trucks, or trailers. Free-standing pod pop banners, shuttle pop banners, and oval pop banners are great for setting up anywhere in your station to celebrate your team or direct traffic. In the same, freestanding flags like feather flags, which have a feather shape designed to billow in the wind, and tear drop flags, which have a distinct tear-drop shape for a firmer hold, are also great choices for stations large and small. If you have tables, we also recommend investing in custom table covers to represent your team and keep your tables protected in the process. When you order signs like these here at Extreme Canopy, we offer an expansive set of customization options backed by the industry’s top manufacturing methods to ensure that you get the highest-quality products — no matter who you’re rooting for.

4. Assess Your Energy-Related Needs

Powering a tailgate can be a big undertaking. Large appliances such as grills, refrigerators, and TVs are often brought to tailgates. Space heaters, speakers, and lights are other tailgate essentials that also require power. As you are putting together your tailgate setup ahead of the big game, take some time to assess your energy-related needs. You may want to rent or buy a generator to ensure that everything you bring stays powered during the tailgating festivities.

5. Supply Your Guests with Seats

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The most intense tailgates can last the better part of a day. While loads of fun, they can also be quite tiring. As the day goes on, you need a place to spell your tailgating guests—a place that isn’t just the hard asphalt or the grass at your feet. Take care of everyone at your canopy tent tailgating station by investing in ample seating. We recommend folding camping chairs, as they are both affordable and portable.

6. Don’t Forget Food or Drinks!

One of the best parts of tailgating is the menu. No matter which tailgate party you’re a part of, there is sure to be great food and freely-flowing drinks. If you are planning your own tailgate, try your best to uphold this tradition by building out your own menu with snacks, beverages, and, if you’re bold enough, grilled items. Make your tailgate a potluck to ensure that everyone gets something they like, and don’t forget to pack ample plates and utensils (preferably compostable ones) to make eating as easy as possible.

Take Your Tailgate to the Next Level with Extreme Canopy

Want more tips and tricks on how to take your team tailgate to the next level? Our experts at Extreme Canopy are here to help. Contact us to speak with one of our friendly and knowledgeable representatives and have your tailgate-related questions answered. Ready to shop for industry-leading tailgate essentials like canopy tentsbanners, and flags? Follow the links listed to get started, and make your next team tailgate your best one yet with the help of our team here at Extreme Canopy!