Want a new printed tent but don’t know where to use it? Well, if you thought that your branded tent was only good for exhibitions and tradeshows, consider again.

Going to be outside, in a tropical place?

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custom tent is the perfect solution for spending a fun-filled day, frolicking about in the waves in a balmy weather. Go for an instant tent to keep the setup hassles to a minimum and fun to the maximum.

Is your canopy going to be in the city? Maybe a farmer’s market?

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Nothing shouts ‘I am here’ louder than a vibrantly printed tent with verdant produce at a farmers’ market. With shoppers turning to organically sourced food products and fresh-from-the-farm produce, farmers’ markets are gaining immense popularity. If you are a local vendor, now is the best time to reap the rewards of your hard work and toiling in the sun – and branded tents are as much of a must-have as the products that you are going to sell.

Or maybe, you have an upcoming sports game in the field.

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Let rival teams know that you are in it to win it with a printed tent. Get your school’s insignia, slogan and mascot printed on the canopy and flaunt it proudly during the game. At Extreme Canopy, we use fade-resistant inks over imported fabrics to print the most vibrant colors that are visible from afar.

Needing to protect your valuable car from the weather?

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Perhaps you are participating in a motorsport. Or maybe thinking of joining your racer friend at his event. How do you show your support? Quite easily, actually. Just set up a custom tent printed with their team details and cheer on!

Starting a new business?

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Nothing attracts onlookers and bystanders better than printed tents, especially if you’re just setting up shop. The first day of business is one of the most important days in an entrepreneur’s life. Host the grand opening of your new business inside a branded tent to leave your guests impressed with your marketing and business acumen.

Are you an upstanding member of the community?

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Neighborhood drives, block parties, awareness campaigns and group events all require awareness and a printed tent can truly be an asset in this regard. Many of these events are also grounds for team building activities and spreading harmony among community members that can benefit greatly with branded tents.

Thinking of participating in a music festival?

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Events like SXSW, Coachella, New Orleans Jazz Festival have over 500,000 people every year. There are several local music and art festivals throughout the country as well. All these events need vendors and sponsors and you can find many branded tents with business logos, messaging and brand details throughout the event grounds. How about debuting your business at one of these events with a printed tent and cool merchandize?

If you want to give your business more exposure, a tradeshow is also a good place to start.

Red Custom Printed Canopy

The sole purpose of a tradeshow is to promote businesses and brands to both new and existing customers. Printed tents will help you showcase your business to both exhibitors and attendees as they scream ‘promotion’ and pique the interest of people to at least look at what you are selling.

Custom tents also work wonders during the sale season.

Gearing up for Black Friday? Thinking of ideas for your anniversary sales promotions? Planning for a sale during the holiday season? All your promotional campaigns are incomplete without custom tents. Make sales and discounts more meaningful by connecting with your customers. They should be posed as celebrations and nothing better than branded tents to achieve the gala, celebratory look that you want.

Talking about celebrations, how can you forget tailgating?

Custom Canopy with Custom Printed Back Wall

This American tradition is incomplete without printed tents. Sports fans take tailgating very seriously. Show your support for your favorite team with a custom tent that highlights the team colors, logos and slogans. Let your friends and team supporters find you easily in a crowd with a vividly branded tent.

Perhaps you’d like to grab a bite after the game. All that hooting and chanting must have made you hungry, isn’t it? How about al fresco dining underneath a printed dining tent?

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Our range of dining tents can keep your business running with social distancing protocols in place. Just because there are many regulations in place doesn’t mean that your business has to suffer. A colorful printed tent will encourage guests to step in with their family and friends and enjoy a safe meal. You can also use your branded tent as a screening and sanitization area and a curbside pick-up spot.

As the schools reopen amidst the new normal, custom tents are gaining more relevance than before.

Not just for screening and thermal testing, printed tents can also act as extended, makeshift spaces for outdoor classes, lunchrooms, gyms and pop-up information booths.

So, you see, your custom tent is very versatile and can be used for a myriad of purposes and settings. Did we miss out on any applications? Do you use your printed tent elsewhere too? Let us know in comments below.