Outdoor Dining Tent and Other Awesome Ways to Ensure Social Distancing at Your Resturant

After nearly 6 months of restricted operations due to the COVID-19 pandemic, states are reopening dining and restaurant businesses again. To encourage social distancing, business owners are coming up with creative ways for safe and covered outdoor seating.

The Fish Tales Bar & Grill in Ocean City, Maryland is trying out ‘bumper tables.’

bumper tables


Café Rothe in Germany celebrated its grand opening with customers wearing pool noodles.

german noodles



But Why Are People Flocking To Their Favourite Restaurants Again?

No, people are not careless. It’s just this urge to reconnect with others after spending so much time cooped up inside.

Dr. William Schaffner, Professor of Preventive Medicine & Infectious Diseases, Vanderbilt University says, “Eating outside is less risky than eating inside, if everybody is six feet apart and the wait staff are all wearing masks. That keeps the risk as low as it can be.”

Linsey Marr, Professor of Civil & Environmental Engineering, Virginia Tech. adds, “Studies have shown that when you’re just talking, the larger [respiratory] droplets don’t really travel farther than three to six feet.”

Business owners everywhere have restarted their operations, while following the health and safety guidelines of course.

So, What Measures Can You Take To Ensure That Social Distancing Guidelines Are Being Followed At Your Restaurant?

Stringent social distancing guidelines have greatly reduced indoor seating capacities at restaurants. Moving forward, covered outdoor seating is the preferred way to accommodate patrons in the post-COVID era.


Expanding Seating with Restaurant Tent Canopies

Several cities have offered more space to restaurants for expanding nontraditional outdoor seating solutions. Cincinnati and Boston have closed off some streets restricting vehicles from passing by. Restaurants can leverage this new-found space with covered outdoor seating.

An outdoor dining tent is the most feasible and economical option for creating more space with social distancing. Extreme Canopy’s outdoor restaurant tent range will increase your seating and revenue while ensuring the safety of your guests and employees.

You can tent off your restaurant seating area, patio, parking lot on your property – so that your patrons have the perfect dining out experience while complying to social distancing guidelines. Our outdoor dining tent canopies can be tailor-made to fit the needs of your restaurant.

You can create a floor that covers the uneven surfaces in your parking lot, use sidewalls to protect guests from heat and elements, and create a temperature-controlled space with appropriate cooling and heating options.


Dining Pods That Combine Safety and Indoor Dining Experience

If there is no scope for an outdoor dining tent, custom-designed dining pods can also be used to create safe eating spaces for guests indoors. Pubbelly Sushi, a popular restaurant, recently installed such dining pods in its Miami restaurant.

These pods are made with dense polyethylene sheets that are framed in wooden borders. The pods cover booths and offer customers a relaxed and safe dining experience. Restaurants in Germany and Amsterdam are experimenting with glass greenhouses for creating separate dining spaces.


Dividers for Separating Interaction Points

Several restaurants have installed clear plastic dividers in between their tables. This has created separate tables and is facilitating distinct interaction points between each operation. In California, The Winery has positioned clear dividers in between tables both indoors and outdoors for minimizing exposure between customers.


What if People Walk by Your Bay While You’re Eating Outside?

According to most experts, outdoor dining is less dangerous, since the air droplets can dissipate into the air. Dr. Schaffner observes that at least 15 minutes of face-to-face contact in an enclosed environment is required for the COVID-19 transmission. So, as long as those walking by are masked, the risk should be very low.


Why Restaurant Tent is the Safest Bet Right Now?

Canopies by nature, create individual spaces wherever they are erected. For instance, when you use them at a tradeshow, they create a makeshift space for your business.

Extreme Canopy offers reliable and safe outdoor dining tent canopies for all purposes, whether you are creating additional dining space or want to set up a quick disinfecting station for sanitizing incoming goods.

An Outdoor Restaurant Tent:
  • Ensures that hygiene levels are maintained for all customers and the wait staff.
  • Steers visitor and employee streams in the right direction, with as little contact as possible.
  • Protects your premises against potential outbreaks. Were your guests seated indoors like the post-COVID era, you would have had to sanitize entire area. This would mean half-a-day’s closure and business loss, whereas, with an outdoor dining tent, all you need to do is sanitize the area inside the tent and the tent itself. Rest of the area can continue business as usual.
  • Is also essential for observing mandatory social distancing among customers and employees.
  • Creates practical, versatile, and portable dining spaces that offer the same dining experience to your patrons.


What Kind of Tent is Right for You?

We can help any business stay out of harm’s way with our outdoor dining tent range.

Covered Outdoor Seating

2023 crest gallery landing tiles the bay golf club 8m x 15m

Outdoor dining tents increase your seating capacity while following social distancing guidelines. You can set them up in the parking lot or patio area, and increase the business area.


Curbside Pickup

x6 velocity 10′ x 20′ print package 3 with fence wrap

Providing a pick-up or drive-through service during COVID-19? Our curbside pick-up tents can help. Provide a safe place for customers to pick their orders, offer shade to staff, and boost your brand visibility at the same time.


Street Food Shelters

x5 explorer 10′ x 10′ print package 1 with one side pvc window wall

Own a popular street food stall? Prevent people from huddling together and offer them shade with our practical and lightweight umbrellas.

A restaurant tent is an essential item in your COVID-safe plan. We’re assisting businesses all over the country with reliable outdoor tents

to stay afloat in these unprecedented times. For any questions or queries, please feel free to get in touch with our support experts at 888 201 1968 or visit our online store to place your order.