How Can a Medical Screening Tent Help Prevent the Spread of the COVID-19 Virus?

Healthcare facilities and hospitals across the world are stretched beyond capacity because of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. As the disease is highly contagious and fatal in several cases, it is paramount that patients who are exhibiting the symptoms be quarantined separately for testing and treatment. To handle the large influx of patients, healthcare facilities are using medical screening tents as rapid deployment testing centers.


What is a Medical Screening Tent?

A medical screening tent is a temporary medical shelter to test patients, house medical equipment and set up emergency screening centers. A screening tent becomes indispensable during a pandemic when healthcare facilities require additional spaces for doctors, nurses and patients. A portable screening tent is the most popular choice for hospitals because it can be quickly assembled and rapidly anchored to nearly every outdoor space.


How to Use a Temporary Shelter as a Screening Tent?

There are many ways to use outdoor shelters as screening tents!

Screening Areas

This is the most basic application of a screening tent. It is used to quarantine possible infected patients from those without any infection. If several people from the community test positive for the COVID-19 infection, a screening tent acts as a short-term patient isolation space as well.

Additional Waiting Rooms

Should there be a spike in the number of patients, a screening tent can also be used as a makeshift waiting room to prevent overcrowding within the hospital premises. These tents also allow medical facilities to enforce social distancing for preventing the infection from spreading further.

Staging Areas

A screening tent also doubles up as a triage staging area where personnel assemble and wait for further information. They are also used to store medical equipment that might be required at a moment’s notice.

Check-In Areas

Enclosed canopies are often used as check-in areas for emergency patients before they are allowed to enter the main hospital building. This measure is set in place to protect the patients already admitted within the hospital premises, many of whom have lower immunity levels and are at risk of contracting COVID-19. After passing through the initial screening, the medical personnel can determine the next step for the incoming patient.

Staff Decontamination Zone

COVID-19 infected patients may not be the only responsibility of a healthcare unit. There can be other patients suffering from different ailments undergoing treatment at the facility. To look after such patients, doctors and nurses need a decontamination zone for sanitizing their hands and dispose of gloves and masks. A screening tent is very effective in this scenario.

At Extreme Canopy, we’re aware of the challenges that healthcare facilities are facing. We’ve developed a range of screening tents that assist our brave medical frontline workers in their efforts to detect the virus and avoid its spread. Our screening tents are available as completely enclosed units or modularly assembled units to create a sterile and safe environment for conducting the viral screening.


Which Extreme Canopy Products Can be Used as Screening Tents?

Extreme Canopy has come up with a range of medical tents that can be used as screening tents, triage areas, drive-through testing centers and vaccination facilities. We offer reliable medical tents that can be set up easily and efficiently, providing protection and privacy for both patients and healthcare professionals.

Some Salient Features of Our Screening Tents
  • Quick assembly for maximum efficiency
  • Easy to sanitize and maintain
  • Can be left up for an extended period of time under the right weather conditions
  • Flame retardant, UV-proof and waterproof for safety and protection
  • American line with in-house design, manufacturing and delivery

Our tents are known for their craftsmanship and longevity. We control our production facilities, which is why we were flexible enough to quickly adapt to the new demands of healthcare facilities during the pandemic. Our COVID-19 screening tents create a protective barrier between patients and staff. They also reduce the strain on personal protective equipment.

1. Pop-up Screening Tent

X7 Tectonic plain closed tent

Our pop-up tent is our fastest screening solution with easy assembly and rapid deployment within two minutes. This screening tent is ideal for mobile applications in dynamic environments where the screening requirements are subject to change. We offer door walls, windows and walls as add-ons and these can be installed swiftly to the tent with a combination of zips and hooks. These screening tents collapse and fold down into a compact size for storage and transport. You can buy them in 10×10, 10×15, 10×20, 13×20 and 13×26 foot sizes.

2. Large Screening Tents

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If you require a screening tent for long-term setup, we recommend our semi-permanent screening medical tent. This tent is ideal for use at big healthcare facilities and hospitals and can be custom-sized to meet any specification. The tent is heavy-duty and is available with custom printing.

3. Portable Inflatable Screening Tent

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Our inflatable tent operates on a modular design where individual inflatable canopies are joined via connection tunnels to form a large structural network. Our designers can help you achieve any configuration by combining separate modules. Inflating the screening tent takes only about four minutes per unit, thereby making these units rapidly deployable.

4. Drive-Through Screening Tent

Drive-through screening is one of the safest and most efficient ways to screen patients affected by the COVID-19 virus. If your healthcare facility has an open space nearby and can afford access to motor vehicles, a drive-through screening tent can be set up quickly. The Extreme Canopy drive-through screening tents are large folding tents that span wide enough to allow cars to pass with additional space for healthcare workers to follow social distancing. These tents can be quickly deployed on a level surface with ground stakes, steel weights or tie-down straps. You can choose the anchor depending on the type of ground the canopy needs to be deployed upon.


Ordering and Deploying a Screening Tent – The Extreme Canopy Process

Our three-step process ensures that your screening tent fits the requirements of your facility and is set up properly for the most optimal usage

Step 1: Get in touch with one of our medical tent representatives to determine the type of screening tent your facility requires.

Step 2: Share the details of the proposed site where you will set up your screening tent. This includes the location, length, width and floor plan.

Step 3: Finally, let our experts take care of your order – from printing to delivery.

No matter where you are in the contiguous US, Extreme Canopy screening tents are obtainable in your area. All you need to do is share your details with us to get started.