It’s about that time where all the students go back to school. Soon, the playgrounds and soccer fields will be busy again. Parents everywhere will start to take their children to after-school sport events again. Little League teams operate during the school year and fun to watch, especially when the athletes are competitive. The best way to show off the team is to get customized jerseys, sports gear and a custom printed canopy to shade the athletes. Out of all the gear, the most important would be a pop-up canopy, especially in the hot sun or light rain.

Another way to look like champions is to get custom printed flags and banners to advertise your team and athletes. Imagine having the best representation out on the fields. Your team would look like champs! Everyone would know who your team is and how many trophies they have. Not only will you have a fabulous custom tent, your team will also feel fabulous.

Extreme Canopy offers many sizes and options for instant shelter. These can be used for any occasion as they are UV coated and waterproof – so you don’t have to worry about game days. The best part about getting your pop-up canopy customized by Extreme Canopy, is that the printing is done via sublimation print and not screen printing like other competitors. The canopy will always be in pristine condition and looking sharp!

Custom items always have a special place in your heart. There’s a reason why. It makes you feel different and special. You know it’s unique to you because it has your name and logo on it! So why not go the extra mile with your custom pop up tent? You’ll be the one who stands out from the crowd when there is an event going on. People would want to check out your booth!

Custom canopies will never go out of season. Not unless you change your team name, logo or other information. If this ever happens, you can always get another custom printed canopy. There is no reason not to get a custom tent. It makes you unique and special.

There are many things you can customize. If you have a race or fundraiser event coming up, you can get a custom inflatable arch tent to show the start and end of the race. This is not only cool, but it is useful for fund raising races and events. It shows your professionalism and character. Since fund raising events will need tables, you can get a custom printed table cover to promote the event. The possibilities are endless!

Having a custom canopy is like an instant business site! You can make instant business just with your instant canopy! So why not take the time and effort to invest? It will pay off eventually. Plus, your canopy will be the best looking one at the event. Here at Extreme Canopy, we assist with graphics, so no need to worry! We can always create a unique design tailored to your company. Your custom tent will definitely catch many eyes. With the attention, you can also add your social media handle onto the custom canopy. This will allow for the consumer to follow or mention you. The more of this, the more popular your brand gets. As you may know, the more attention, the more sales! What a great trade off.

When you get your custom canopy printed, make sure to hashtag #customcanopy to have people look at your tent! It allows for people to be inspired for their own event and allow you some time in the spotlight!