You’ve already got the best deals on the best cars in town. Now, you’re looking to step up your game by adding comfort and protection to your lot. So, you search car tents for sale online to find solutions. You find solutions, but so many options. How can you tell which car tents for sale are right for you? How do you separate the good from the not-so-good? At Extreme Canopy, we’re here to help. On this page, you’ll find information on car tents for sale — why you need one and what to look for in today’s top tents. You’ll also find information on our very own line of car tents for sale — great for dealerships and vehicles of all shapes and sizes. Get ahead of the competition. Get covered with our team here at Extreme Canopy.


There are several reasons why investing in a car tent (or several) for your dealership is an excellent idea. For one, car top tents keep cars protected. Excessive precipitation and sunlight can damage exteriors and interiors alike. Putting a tent over your cars will keep them in better shape and save you from performing routine maintenance and cleaning.

Car tents also have benefits for car buyers. Those on the hunt for a new car typically spend hours out in the sun going from dealership to dealership inspecting vehicles. If you can provide your customers shade while they look at your inventory, you stand a better chance of moving negotiations forward simply by improving the shopping experience. We recommend setting up a canopy (or several) out front of your dealership office and near your lot just so customers can stand, sit and take a shaded breather while shopping.

Lastly, car tents increase visibility for your dealership. A brand-new car looks great — a brand-new car under a custom tent looks even better. Catch the eyes of passerby with a tall tent custom-printed with your organization’s name and logo to drive traffic to your cars.


You know the car game like the back of your hand. But when it comes to car tents for sale on the market, you’re a little less knowledgeable. Don’t fret. A little guidance and research go a long way, and we’re here to help you with both. Look for these four qualities when searching for the right car top tents for sale.

  • High-Quality Materials. There are thousands of cheap cars for sale out there. There are also thousands of cheap car tents for sale out there. As a sales professional, you should know that a low price tag isn’t always a good investment. What counts are the materials (and the craftsmanship, but we’ll discuss that in a moment). Look for tents that feature fabric roofs and sides made with thick, water resistant polyester. Make sure your tent’s legs are made from aluminum. Plastic legs break easily, and other metals are too heavy to move around. Not only should your materials be rated to perform, they should also be engineered to last. You don’t want to be changing tents as quickly as you change your inventory.
  • Meticulous Craftsmanship and Warranty Protection. After high-quality materials, high-quality craftsmanship must follow. Just like with car manufacturers, you want to choose tent manufacturers that create their tents with expertise and meticulous attention to detail. Wondering how to tell the best tents from the rest? Take a look at a company’s reviews to see what customers are saying about their products. Also, check out each company’s warranties to see if they back their products with more than just words.
  • Customizable Options. When searching for car top tents for sale, settling for a run-of-the-mill white tent is a bit like settling for the most basic sedan on the lot. It’s boring, and won’t catch eyes. While this isn’t such a bad thing for sedan, it can be an issue for tent that’s there to both provide shelter and attract attention. To make people take notice, invest in a tent with custom printing options so you can add your chosen color, text, logos and even photos to your roof and sides.
  • Innovative and Reliable Features. Car tents are going to be moved around, used year-round and anchored to varying types of ground. They need features that make usage easy and reliable. Good features to look for are easy-to-slide-in kedar walls (to change up your display so that shoppers never see the same thing twice), advanced v-edge truss bars (for added durability and expandability) and cast molded aluminum connectors (both of which will improve functionality of your tent). You’ll also want to look for tents that can accommodate different types of anchoring, including sandbags, baseplates, tie down straps and traditional stakes.


No matter how big (or small) your dealership (or budget) is, there are car tents out there for you. Here are a few of the industry’s most popular tent types used by dealerships worldwide.

  • Instant Canopies (Pop-Up Tents). Sometimes the best car tents for sale are the most common ones. There’s a reason why most dealerships have more than a couple instant canopies in various corners of their lots, covering their cars and shading their spaces. Instant canopy tents are cost-effective, reliable tents that are lightweight and travel-ready. If you’re just dipping your toe into the car top tent business, car dealership canopies can offer you fast protection in sizes ranging from 10’ x 10’ to 20’ x 20’.
  • Inflatable Tents. The inflated dancing guy shouldn’t be your only inflatable option for drawing customer’s eyes. Consider investing in inflatable tents to get the best of both worlds: inflatable advertising and smart shelter. Inflatable tents can be set up and taken down by a single user. Simply turn the electric pump on or off, and you’re good to go. Available in a wide range of shapes and sizes, inflatable tents are perfect for dealerships in search of something a little different for their lots.
  • Pinnacle and Pavilion Tents. If you’re like some car dealers, you may already have a few tents on your lot. If you’re growing, you may need a few more, and you may need them bigger. When looking to purchase your next round of car tent canopies for your. Maybe you love the ease of instant canopies a bit flashier or more elegant. Both pinnacle and pavilion tents share similar shapes and structures to instant canopies (they also pop-up), but these larger tents have pointed roofs with points at the top. Pavilion tents are a little bit pointier and a little bit taller than pinnacle tents. Choosing between them is mostly a matter of aesthetics
  • Crest Tents. Is your business booming? Can’t keep up with every purchase at your dealership, but you can’t quite afford to upgrade to more indoor square footage at the moment? Take the cost-effective route and add some extra square footage out on the blacktop with a crest event tent. If you have ever been to a large outdoor gathering, then you have probably seen a crest tent. These large (often white) tents are designed to hold people, products and full-on events. Crest event tents come with a modular bay design, which allows bays to be added to achieve virtually any size imaginable.


When you want the best for your dealership, there is no better place to shop than right here at Extreme Canopy. We design and manufacture our tents in-house using the highest quality materials and the industry’s finest equipment operated by experienced and talented technicians. Put simply: our tents are engineered to perform and built to last. That’s why you won’t find longer warranties anywhere else. To ensure a great fit and optimal aesthetic appeal, we offer extensive custom option for nearly every type of tent we manufacture. Plus, we cut out the middleman and work directly with our customers to keep servicing straightforward and prices competitive. You have the best cars around, cover them up with the best car tents for sale. Shop industry-leading car tents and more at Extreme Canopy.