Busted: Common Myths around Promotional Banners

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Are promotional banners worth investing? Should I get just one side printed or both sides? Will these be too expensive? Should I go for banners along with my canopy?

Questions like these often scare business owners away from using personalized promotional banners. For them, additional promotional collateral means higher expenditure to the existing tradeshow marketing budget – but what they don’t realize is, these banners add a lot of value to the booth by increasing the brand visibility. In fact, businesses who don’t use advertising banners miss out on valuable branding opportunities.

Branding experts swear by this marketing strategy because:

  • They act as a natural extension to your booth.

As many as 63% businesses participate in a trade show to up their brand game. (DisplayWizard) Promotional banners increase the overall brand footprint across the event floor at no additional cost.

  • They’re versatile.

Unlike booths, promotional banners come in an assortment of shapes, colors, and designs, so that you can concoct an interesting narrative around your business – gently coaxing visitors to discover your stall. You can choose from peak flags, wave banners, feather flags, tear-drop flags, etc.


At Extreme Canopy, banners are our most sold products after canopies. We get a lot of inquiries about our promotional banners and personalized promotional flags. We’ve curated the top misconceptions that will help you make the right buying choice.

#1: Is the material for promotional banners same as that of a canopy?


The fabric used for banners is different from the one used on canopies roof. We use commercial-grade polyester fabric as the base, and print digitally on it. What we get are vibrant, richly colored, and long-lasting personalized promotional banners.

However, the colors on the banner differ from the canopies, since the material is different. We do try our best to stay true to your branding though, and the final print only happens once you approve the design.


#2: Single or double-print?

Both these options differ – in price as well as looks.

Single print fabric is similar to the chiffon fabric. It is semi-transparent and see-through. Why do we use this? So as to make the printing visible from both sides. Double printed banners have 3 fabric pieces, out of which 2 are printed with one silver fabric sandwiched between.

#3: Setting up banners outdoors will make them wet.

Most of our customers fear that if they leave their promotional banners outside, they will get drenched, soggy, and ultimately droop down. While yes, they will get wet, we use water resistant fabric, just like our canopies.

Our idea behind manufacturing promotional banners was to make them conducive to outdoor weather conditions, and we stay true to this philosophy.

#4: My banner won’t last long.

Contrary to the popular opinion that banners are fragile and susceptible to outdoor elements, our promotional collaterals are covered by a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty. If anything were to happen, your purchase would be covered.

So, here’s what we learnt in a nutshell:



Fabric of promotional banners and canopies is the same. It is different for both these products.
The print color will be same. Because the material is different, the colors will differ too.
Banners won’t last long. Banner are made of heavy-duty metal, able to withstand prolonged exposure and everyday wear and tear.
They aren’t waterproof. They are made from high-quality polyester fabric with a robust pole and spike set.

 Can you think of something else? Let us know in comments and our experts will answer it for you. You can also take a look at our range of promotional banners and find one that suits your requirement. We’d be happy to print it for you.

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