26ft Single Side Half Wall

Ordering A Custom Product To order a custom product please upload your logo/design below or email it to [email protected]. After placing your order a graphic designer from Extreme Marquees will give you a call to discuss your requirements. Extreme Marquees will provide you with a print layout and you will be able to request modifications to the design as required. Extreme Marquees will not begin production until after receiving your final approval of the print layout.

Package Includes

Frame Roof


Extreme Canopy, a leader in the field of outdoor shelter solutions, offers a selection of additional wall components for their canopies. These walls, available in a broad palette of colors, are adaptable to any event’s color scheme, catering to both minimalist, single-tone preferences and bolder, multi-color themes. A standout aspect of these additional walls is their capacity for customization. Extreme Canopy gives customers the opportunity to personalize the printing on either or both sides of the walls. This enables the integration of unique designs, logos, or branding elements, providing a creative avenue to boost brand recognition and visibility during events. Designed with adaptability in mind, these walls are universally compatible with all sizes of Extreme Canopy’s products. This uniform fit ensures a seamless look across the event setup, regardless of the size of the canopy.

The flexibility of these walls allows for their use in a variety of settings, from intimate gatherings to larger, more significant sprawling events. The construction of these walls employs two types of fabric: polyester and PVC. Both materials possess waterproof qualities. Polyester serves as a lightweight, cost-effective material that offers protection against mild weather conditions. In contrast, PVC is a more durable, heavy-duty material engineered to resist harsher weather conditions and deliver a more enclosed space. In conclusion, the supplementary walls offered by Extreme Canopy are a vital element that augments the functionality and adaptability of their canopies. With their waterproof characteristics, customization potential, and compatibility with different canopy sizes, these walls present a practical and flexible solution tailored to a diverse range of events and design requirements.

Frame Roof
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