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When it comes to weddings, everything should be as close to perfect as possible. Unfortunately, with outdoor weddings, the weather can sometimes threaten that perfection. Whether it’s the summer, spring, fall or winter, certain weather patterns can make outdoor weddings less-than-comfortable. Thankfully, there is a solution. Wedding tents provide fast and flexible shelter from all types of weather, including rain, wind and excessive sunlight. These versatile structures also add elegance to any wedding, providing a space for ceremonies, receptions and other wedding activities. Here at Extreme Canopy, we proudly design and manufacture a wide range of customizable wedding tents for sale. Explore the many options we have to offer, and make your wedding as perfect as possible with an industry-leading wedding tent from our team.

X6 VELOCITY 10′ X 15′

WAS $565 NOW $536

X6 VELOCITY 10′ X 20′

WAS $675 NOW $642

X6 VELOCITY 10′ X 20′

WAS $675 NOW $642

X5 EXPLORER 10′ X 10′

WAS $319 NOW $279

X5 EXPLORER 10′ X 15′

WAS $415 NOW $359

X5 EXPLORER 10′ X 20′

WAS $515 NOW $449

X7 TECTONIC 10′ X 10′

WAS $619 NOW $588

X7 TECTONIC 10′ X 15′

WAS $815 NOW $774

X7 TECTONIC 10′ X 20′

WAS $975 NOW $926

X7 TECTONIC 13′ X 13′

WAS $999 NOW $949

X7 TECTONIC 13′ X 20′

WAS $1,270 NOW $1,206

X7 TECTONIC 13′ X 26′

WAS $1,545 NOW $1,467

Why You Need a Wedding Tent

If you have an outdoor wedding forecasted in your future, you’re likely going to need a wedding tent. You may be in the wedding party; you may work at the wedding venue; or you may run the rental company hired by either of these two groups. Regardless of who you are, if it’s your job to supply outdoor shelter at a wedding in your future, a wedding tent is the right choice for you. Why? First and foremost, wedding tents provide welcome shelter against the elements. Even during summer weddings with no storms in sight, a wedding tent can help keep things cool by blocking direct sunlight. During the spring, fall and winter, wedding tents can provide warmth and protection from wind, rain and other stormy weather.

Shelter aside, wedding tents also add a degree of elegance to any wedding. Whether you choose to use a tasteful white event tent or a fun and playful inflatable tent, adding a wedding tent to your big day is a great way to build ambiance and contribute to the overall atmosphere of your celebration. You can also decorate your wedding tent with accessories for extra functionality and aesthetic appeal. Whatever you choose to do, you’ll be glad you invested in a high-quality wedding tent to make your wedding day as beautiful and stress-free as possible.

What to Look for in a High-Quality Wedding Tent

Like your wedding itself, your wedding tent should exceed your expectations. While there are many great wedding tents for sale on the market today, there are also those that cut corners on quality or lack important functional features. When shopping for your wedding tent, look for these features to ensure that you make the right choice.

  • Heavy-Duty Materials and High-Quality Craftsmanship. A wedding tent’s primary purpose is to provide shelter. It can’t do this without heavy-duty materials such as water-resistant aluminum or reinforced steel in the frame and weatherproof PVC-coated polyester in the fabric roof and sides. These materials should come to together in a finished product that’s been meticulously crafted for performance. Wondering how you can determine the craftsmanship of a wedding tent online? Start by reading reviews from other customers to see what they have to say about a manufacturer’s wedding tents for sale.
  • Affordable Pricing Backed by Excellent Customer Service. Aside from build quality, affordability and company support are two key features to look for in all wedding tents for sale. While you want your tent to be a quality product, you don’t want it to cost an arm and a leg, so try your hardest to stick to tents in your budget. That being said, don’t fall for bottom-of-the-barrel prices. If it looks too good to be true, it probably is. Also, be sure that the wedding tents you’re looking at are backed with strong warranties and solid customer support, just in case you encounter complications.
  • Custom Options. While their first job is providing shelter, wedding tents should also add something aesthetically to any wedding. The best way to ensure that your wedding tent fits in perfectly with the ambiance at your wedding is to put in a custom order with a trusted manufacturer. One-size-fits-all tents may not always work with your wedding space and décor, but a custom tent can be sized, shaped and colored to meet your exact needs.

Types of Wedding Tents

No two weddings are the exact same. Some are big, some are small. Some are formal, some are much more laid-back. Thankfully, in today’s tent industry, there is a wedding tent for every wedding. Here are some of the most popular wedding tents used today.

  • Instant Canopies. Need something portable, affordable and easy-to-set-up for your wedding? An instant canopy is the perfect wedding tent option for you. Also known as “pop-up tents,” instant canopies get their name because they require virtually no time or assembly to set up. Simply expand their pre-constructed frames, set the height on height-adjustable legs and attach fabric roofs and optional sides. With a small team, the entire set-up and tear-down process should be done in mere minutes. Wedding canopy tents are available in sizes ranging from 10’ x 10’ to 20’ x 20’.
  • Inflatable Tents. Want something a little different for your wedding? Check out the industry’s latest wedding tents: inflatable tents. Using pressurized air rather than rigid frames, inflatable tents are available in a wide range of creative shapes and sizes. They’re also incredibly easy to set up and tear down. Just turn the electric pump on or off, and let it do the rest.
  • Star Tents. Feeling starry-eyed about your wedding? Take your mood all the way to your wedding tent and invest in a star tent for your big day. These tents feature one or two center poles for support and fabric roofs staked at all sides for shelter. Together, they create a star-like shape that adds an iconic look to any space. Star tents can also occupy spaces of different sizes, since their fabric sides can be staked at varying lengths. This makes them great multi-use solutions.
  • Event Tents. Planning a big wedding? You’ll need a big tent. Pavilion tents, pinnacle marquees, and extra-large crest event tents are all excellent choices. Pavilion tents and pinnacle marquees are structurally similar to pop-up canopy tents, but they each have bigger roof areas for a different aesthetic and more interior space overall. On the far end of the size spectrum, crest tents have a modular bay design through which bays can be added to increase square footage with no upper limit. They’re a great choice for weddings where the guestlist swells into the hundreds, and where many of the activities take place inside tents.

Shop the Industry’s Top Wedding Tents for Sale at Extreme Canopy

With the facts in front of you, it’s time to begin your search for the perfect wedding tent. Thankfully, you don’t have to search far. Here at Extreme Canopy, we proudly design and manufacture all the above types of wedding tents at our industry-leading facilities around the world. Using our decades of experience, the industry’s latest production methods and the world’s finest materials, we create tents designed to perform spectacularly and hold up in virtually any condition. You should expect nothing less on your wedding day. Plus, we offer a host of custom manufacturing options for wedding canopy tents, wedding inflatable tents and large wedding event tents, as well as custom printing options for every tent product in our inventory. Contact us to start creating the perfect, one-of-a-kind wedding tent with our team, and celebrate your big day the right way. When it comes to wedding tents, banners, flags and more, Extreme Canopy is the name to trust. Shop wedding essentials with us today!