23′ – Heavy Duty Y200 Series Octagonal Umbrella


Measuring in at a massive 23 ft diameter span, this is the largest of the Y200 series heavy duty umbrellas made by Flare Shade. Its all-encompassing octagonal top covers an incredible area of 375 square feet. Such a considerable space can shelter up to 15-20 people seated comfortably with room to breathe.

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This commercial-grade umbrella is great for shade at public pools, large courtyards, outdoor dining areas, green parks, sport venues and much, much more. The 4 inch diameter, 2.7 millimeter thick center pole made from marine grade extruded aluminum provides abundant stability to the greater frame structure. This is met by an equally sturdy network of dual-bar support ribs which brace the 23 foot canopy top. To complement the 23’ Y200’s impressive engineering, a durable selection of canopy fabric is available to choose from, each including a beautiful, vibrant range of color options. Flare Shade offers a premium quality Spanish acrylic from Recasens or a long-life Italian Tempotest material made by Para.

Size: 23’ Octagonal Umbrella
Frame: Aluminum
Opened Height: 12′ 6″ (3.8m)
Clearance: 9′ 2″ (2.8m)
Frame Weight: 274bs
Roof Weight: 33lbs
Pole Size: 4″x4″ (10x10cm)
Roof Diameter: 23′ (7m)
Packing Box: 18″ x 20″ x 195″ 


Recasens Fabric: 5 Years
Para Fabric: 5 Years
Aluminum Frame: 5 Years


Full Roof Print (4 Panels)


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