Wondering what happens behind the scenes at Extreme Canopy? When you order a custom canopy, there is a sequence of events that happens before you receive your product, and you’ll be communicating with the graphics department before you finalize your order!

First, inquire about one of our products! If you see something you’re interested in, you can call us or email us for more information. But don’t worry, we don’t bombard our customers with phone calls or emails. You personally get a sales representative to work with until you are completely satisfied with your quotation. Your salesperson will also due diligence and send a 3D visualization mock up according to your preferences or if you’re in a hurry, our graphics department will further research your company for more information and make a sample mock up.

Second, once you receive a mock up from one of our representatives, you can choose to keep making changes or simply skip straight to editing your formal preprint layout (hint: it’s what actually gets printed out, so no messing around!). Even if you take the time to perfect your mock up, it will eventually slow down the process of your actual print layout that is sent to print. So, while it’s great to have a mock up for your team to approve, please be aware it’s NOT to be approved when submitting an order! Your mock up must be transferred into a preprint layout that has to be signed off on. If you need further explanation, please don’t hesitate to ask! Custom canopies aren’t always purchased every day, so we can teach you a thing or two!

Third, you’ll continue to make changes to your preprint layout before you’re completely satisfied. Please let the graphics department know about any specific colors, fonts, photos that may be required for your customized canopy. All artwork should be discussed with the graphics department, and if you find that you want to add something to your quote, you can also mention this to the graphics department and we can surely add it to your quote!

Fourth, once you’re satisfied with your artwork, you will have to fill out our artwork approval form before we can print. It is the only way we will know you approve the artwork and we can send it production. It is easy and can be done from your mobile device!

Lastly, once full payment and approval is received, we can send out your canopy to you. You can get your whole canopy within a week if needed! Standard delivery is quick as well if you don’t need your product by a certain date and is only 7-10 business days.

Inquire today for your custom canopy and be blown away by our graphics department’s outstanding customer service.