What Sets an Extreme Printed Tent Apart from Competition?

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“The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that little extra!” – Jimmy Johnson

At Extreme Canopy, we’re really passionate about what we do. Making printed tent canopies is not just a business for us – every sold canopy is blank canvas to write a new story, whether it’s marketing a business, launching a new product, celebrating relationships, or bringing people together for noble causes. We’ve proudly served over a hundred customers from all walks of life with our diverse range of custom printed tent canopy, accessories, inflatables, event tents, and promotional banners.

Even our cheapest printed tent is made with due diligence, care, and the type of event it will serve in mind – and our premium quality tents are state of the art, designed, and engineered for professional events, roadshows, trade fairs, and networking events. We pride ourselves in being the leading canopy suppliers in the US and quality is just one thing that sets us apart.

For one, we don’t look at events as opportunities.

We’re thrilled when we get a request for a new custom printed event tent canopy. Partly because of the challenges it brings, and partly because we feel honored at being part of someone’s birthday party, product launch, sale, branding exercise, or wedding. For us, selling tents is not about making profit, it is about helping create an impact; whether it is by changing someone’s life or business. And the quality of our tents makes it possible to do so.

Second, the quality of our products speaks for itself!

At Extreme Canopy, our focus is to become the thought and quality leader, not a mass producer. Granted, some of our tents are pricey but there’s a difference between cheap and thrifty – and that’s all about value. Our tents are power-packed with features, resilience against moderate to harsh weather, and durability, so that you can focus solely on your event. And for those who keep asking us why there’s so much discrepancy in the prices, here’s our answer.

It’s the same as to why some car models will cost you $20,000, while some are worth $60,000 – a steering wheel and four tires doesn’t make a car worth it’s price, the quality of materials, craftsmanship, and the brand name play a pivotal role in separating a BMW from a Nissan!

Also, we focus on American-made with quick turnovers.

We’re among a select vendor pool who source from production houses in the USA. There are two benefits to this. First, the delivery times are reduced considerably when products are shipped locally. Since the custom shipping and travel times are reduced, your printed tent is bound to reach you quicker than a vendor that imports tents from other countries.

And two, you can expect higher quality of locally produced goods, since the tents made in the USA adhere to the highest standards, come with fire certificates, and engineer’s certificate of compliance; as opposed to tents made in places fueled by cheap labor and inhumane working conditions.

Yes, our tents are costlier than your average, run of the mill, store bought canopies, but they pay off in the long run. We associate costs with the quality of a product over time, and not with the manufacturing process, which is why, our tents are superior to their counterparts.

And not to mention, the “EXTREME” brand is very, very important to us.

There’s a reason we call our canopies Extreme – they actually are extreme; whether it’s about versatility, functionality, durability, or aesthetics. Like we said, we focus on being the thought leaders, our aim is to sell the best suited canopies to you, and not just finish our stocks. And we do this with value adding tips, hacks, accessories, promotional banners, etc.

Now that you know who to choose when buying a printed tent, let’s do this!

If your philosophy is quality over price, we’d love to work with you. Give us a call on 888 201 1968 and let us know how we can help you!

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