Starting a new business in the new year?

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The new year is around the corner. It’s time to get on your goal and own the new year with a new business!

Thinking about starting a new business that requires space to display your products or services? Starting a new business should not be as complicated as it seems. There are plenty of events, indoors and outdoors that you can display your new business at with branded tents for events. The perfect complimentary item to assist you with your business is a branded tents for events. Here’s some tips below on instant businesses!

Outdoor Branded Tents For Events

Notice the growing popularity on outdoor events. Coachella, Stagecoach and county fairs are just small examples as to how small businesses can reach many large crowds. Small pop up shops have also been very popular lately. Take into consideration the famous Alexander Wang x adidas pop up truck that gained numerous attention. This was a great tactic and example of how pop up events are very popular.


Is your new business going to appear at It appears every year there are more tradeshows for every aspect of interest. There are multiple dates available for many events for almost all interests, such as Comic Con, Vid Con and Beauty Con amongst many other types of shows. Though most are indoors, many of these events have booths indoors.

Local parks and beaches

There are many farmer’s markets in parks, community centers or local venues. This is where most small business grow and thrive!  Instant shelter might be the answer to your new business venture!


Remember the old school lemonade stands? Well they still work! You can definitely use a instant canopy to set up for shade, rain or just because. Utilizing an instant canopy is efficient for your customers to know where to pay or even to recognize that your set up is an actual place of business.

With the stress of starting a business, you can be ahead of the game with a instant shelter tent to display your new business!

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