How to Choose the Perfect Spot on a Beach for Setting up a Canopy Tent?

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Installing a pop-up beach canopy tent is similar to camping in the woods. Albeit difficult to find the privacy and shade of large trees on a beach, you’d still need a secure spot to set up your tent.

With summer almost upon us, most beaches are filled to capacity – making the selection of a good camping spot all the more difficult. So, how do you find a great camping spot?

By asking yourself these questions:

Does the beach allow camping?

Most public beaches do not allow camps. So before you plan everything, only to discover the futility of your effort – research the beach you have in mind for camping.

How close will I be to water?

How would you feel if you wake up in the morning, all covered in water? Or worse, floating right in the middle of the sea?

The tides are tricky. There’s no saying how far into the shoreline they advance during the night. onsult the lifeguards before setting up your tent. Ideally, any spot about 100 feet away from the shoreline is alright to pitch your tent.

extreme canopy

Word of advice: If everyone is further away, it’s always a good idea to follow their lead.

Are there trees nearby?

The sand might still be damp, even if the shore is far. Also, setting up underneath the sky will also expose you to wind, sun, rain, and people.

Look for a spot near foliage. There are a couple of advantages to this. First, soil is usually firmer than sand. Second, vegetation provides some form of shelter. And finally, your pop-up beach canopy tent will be cooler underneath all that greenery.

Don’t camp near heavy greenery though. It may provide cover for insects, snakes, and other dangerous animals.

Word of advice: Avoid setting your canopy tent near unhealthy or rotten trees. You never know when a branch or the tree itself might fall down.

Can I have some privacy, please?

Camping is best enjoyed in solitude. Unfortunately, beaches aren’t like wilderness and finding a secluded spot is next to impossible.

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A big tree, or a spot further away from other campers can offer some privacy. Instead of setting your beach canopy tent shade right near the entrance, walk further down the beach to see if something strikes your fancy.

Word of advice: Several resorts and hotels extend right up to the shore. These spots are mostly reserved for hotel guests. Try talking to the management and see if something is available.

What is the lay of the land?

Don’t pitch your tent on a totally flat surface. If it rains, there is nowhere for water to drain, increasing the risk of getting soaked. A slight slope offers drainage and makes it more comfortable to lie down.

Word of advice:  Don’t set your tent on a sand dune. These are natural environments, prone to erosion, and prohibited for camping on most beaches.

On a beach, you have limited options to set up a canopy tent. Plan ahead if you want to make the most of your trip. Reach the site early in the morning and pick the best spot. Bring the right equipment, pop-up beach canopy tent, and your survival gear with you. 

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