How to Use Pop Up Medical Tent During the Coronavirus Pandemic?

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The existing healthcare systems in US have limited housing capacity, and the need of the hour is to provide the most serious cases with advanced treatment. However, this doesn’t mean that patients with mild symptoms should be left in the hospital hall waiting alongside others.

Rapid-deployment of pop up medical tent are proving to be extremely effective in screening and housing such individuals. They act as mobile extensions to healthcare facilities and large hospitals, and assist doctors and nurses in performing screening and testing more effectively.

What are Pop Up Medical Tent?

Medical tents are inflatable temporary outdoor modules. Just like regular air-filled tents, they can be inflated with air-pumps. The only difference is, these are completely sealed, so as to prevent the virus from getting transmitted further, thus creating separate and safe locations for screening and triaging individuals who are presenting symptoms of COVID-19.

Our ‘rapid deployment medical tents’ are designed keeping in mind the ease of setting up. Whether you want to undertake community testing, or create makeshift waiting spaces for people lined up to get tested, our medical isolation tents can be deployed and dismantled in less than ten minutes.

How do Medical Tents Benefit the Hospitals and Healthcare Facilities?

Medical tents offer several advantages:

They can be set up anywhere.

Unlike cemented, concrete structures, a pop up medical tent can be, ‘popped’ up anywhere. You don’t have to worry about blueprints and construction. So, say if you require a tent to house several new patients overnight in an area, a hospital can’t be built in a day. But several medical tents can be set up in a couple of hours to act as a screening zone.

They’re relatively safer.

Hospital rooms can get decontaminated if they’re continuously exposed to different kinds of infections and disease carrying pathogens – let’s not forget, our healthcare systems are still accommodating patients suffering from ailments other than COVID-19 as well.

A coronavirus infected individual, in this regard, is a potential minefield – putting the staff, other patients, resources, and hospital premises at risk.

Medical tents, on the other hand, can be used to create a separate area for triaging patients. They can also be used as decontamination zones for medical officers where they can sanitize or disinfect their medical clothes and gear.

They free up space inside hospitals.

With medical pop up tents, healthcare officials can free up space inside hospitals and stop the emergency rooms from getting crowded beyond capacity.  Less severe cases and those who are recovering, can be put under quarantine in an isolation tent, and the available spaces can be expanded to more severe cases or to those who require medical attention unrelated to the infection.

They can also serve as makeshift clinics for non-contagious cases.

Hundreds of patients need medical care for ailments other than the novel coronavirus – fever, bacterial infections, body pain, accidents, and so on. For all these patients, a pop up medical tent can be used as an emergency room, similar to the ones in hospitals.

Who all can benefit from medical tents?

Both the general public and healthcare industry can benefit from medical isolation pop up tents.

Rapid deployment quarantine tents allow faster screen of a bigger number of people, without bringing them near the hospital premises. This minimizes the risk of unwanted contact that might compromise immunity of those already admitted inside.

The incoming patients can be screened quickly too – as these triage tents can be used to exclusively service just the coronavirus cases.

While officials and authorities are mandating social distancing, it might become difficult to practice in overcrowded hospital rooms and clinics. With medical tents at the forefront, the general public can maintain a safe distance while everybody gets screened.

Types of pop up medical tents offered by Extreme Canopy

At present, we have three options available – rapid deployment isolation modules, inflatable quarantine beds, medical isolation tents.

Rapid Deployment Isolation Modules

Available in tube diameters of 6’ and 8’, these modules have transparent top, front, and sides. Vertical entry zippers have been provided on either side with entry points for connecting external piping on the left side. Over pressure relief valve is in place for tube safety.

These modules can house one individual at a time, and take up just 5 minutes to inflate. The 6’ tube is made of thermoplastic polyurethane with a sleeve fabric and weighs about 40 pounds, while the 8’ module has PVC tubes and PVC clear roofs and sides. It weighs around 48 pounds.

Both these modules come with a long warranty of 24 months.

Inflatable Quarantine Beds

Quarantine Bed Inflatable pop up medical tent

Our comfortable quarantine inflatable bed is available in several sizes, and can be set up over single, queen, or king-sized beds. A single bed weighs about 45 pounds, can accommodate one patient or a volume of nearly 7m3.

Medical Isolation Tents

medical isolation pop up tent

Our medical isolation tents can be used as drive-thru checkpoints for screening plausible cases for COVID-19. The process of screening the patients is quite similar to the toll-booths on roads. Cars remain in a queue, while suspected individuals provide identification and proceed for check-up. The healthcare professional remains at the forefront, complete with protective gear and swab kits.

Drive-thru checkpoints offer both safety and quick screening. While maintaining social distancing, individuals can get themselves tested for COVID-19. There’s no need to worry about unnecessary contact, transmission of virus from one carrier to another, and already infected individuals infecting others.

The best part? Most vehicles can fit inside our drive-thru medical tents. Bigger dimension tents can be built to order and supplied as well. Hospitals, NGOs, and government authorities can also request branded medical tents – so that people recognize the logo and get tested without fear.

Patent is pending on our pop up medical tent range. While the first prototype has been released, further development and testing will be ongoing for our medical tents. Extreme Canopy invites developmental partnerships with stakeholders from the US government, research departments from universities, and private sector organizations.

Browse our complete range online. You can also call our customer care number at 844 243 6981 to place your order.

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