4 Ways to Tackle Unpredictable Pop-up Canopy Emergencies!

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“Took the wall down, even with it all down

We was getting nowhere

And so we had a cuppa tea!”

Well, in their defense, Charlie and Fred did try a lot things. Maybe they were trying to set up a pop-up canopy too! The best person to ask what went wrong would be Bernard Cribbins; but since he isn’t here right now, maybe the Extreme Team can be of help. We are, after all, the canopy experts! *Grin, grin, wink, wink*

Right Said, Fred is an old classic because it’s so relatable. Unexpected things happen all the time. In fact, Murphy’s Law that ‘anything that can go wrong, will go wrong’ works the strongest in situations where there’s no room for error. For example, the delivery of your printed canopy will be delayed just before the event you’ve been planning for the last 3 months. Or if the tent was delivered timely, the universe will conspire to prevent you from checking if everything was delivered in the right condition. You will only get time a day before the event, and by that time, it will be too late.

Can you feel the butterflies swirling inside? We know that feeling too – it’s the panic settling in. But hey, what are we here for? We’ve compiled 4 such contingencies and their solutions, so all there’s left for you to do is to enjoy your event. Read on!

Extreme Emergency #1: Delivery of my pop-up canopy has been delayed. Help!

This is a tricky situation and there’s not much you can do about it. Sorry. Several factors can hold-up the delivery of your custom pop-up canopy including traffic, weather, accidents, and mix-ups at the hub. Most instances have only a limited recourse.


We put on our thinking hats and came up with two scenarios – before shipping and after shipping!

1. Before Shipping

Prevention is always better than cure. If you order a printed canopy just a week from your event’s date, it WILL be delayed. Plan ahead. Clearly mention your event date in the mail or over call, so that your supplier knows by when to ship the canopy.

Secondly, be upfront and realistic about the delivery deadline. Keep a buffer of 3-4 days to factor in any unnecessary detentions. Clarify the estimated delivery dates with your vendor before placing the order.

2. After Shipping

At Extreme Canopy, we always share a tracking email with our customers.

If you’ve purchased your canopy from a different vendor, don’t delete or ignore these mails from them. Track your order regularly, as every hub stop along the way updates the consignment. Keeping a regular check will help you catch any delays quickly.

Call your vendor right away, if you feel that the delivery will not happen in time. In case of a real emergency, most suppliers can negotiate a quick solution with the shipping company like holding the package at the hub or re-routing the address so that it reaches you on time.

Extreme Emergency #2: This is not what I ordered. Help!

 First things first, register the damage with the delivery person. Check all components or boxes and confirm for any obvious, superficial damage. Not many people realize this, but when you sign the delivery person’s notepad, you’re effectively signing a contract with the shipping and courier company, stating that the consignment has been delivered intact and damage-free.

The next step is to notify your vendor. Click pictures and share them over message or email with your vendor, clearly pointing out the damaged components. Assuming your delivery was reasonably early, your vendor can ship you spare parts overnight. This also stands true in case you found damage upon opening the box later, or if your shipment was delivered to your doorstep without requiring a signature.

Extreme Emergency #3: The document fairy visited me. Help!

 This one’s actually not that bad. All you need are the right documents and the fairy… ahem the fire marshal will be on his merry way.

Temporary shade solutions often require a pre-mandated Certificate of Compliance and a Fire Safety Certificate before they can be setup outdoors. A fire marshal visits your event site just to check if everything is in order.

How to handle this situation? Ask your vendor to share the required documents before the event and download them on your phone or email. You can also print out a copy. Remember, requirements vary across counties, so make sure your canopy comes with certificates of the county you’re in presently, and not where the tent was shipped from.

But, I need to show the certificate to the Marshal, like RIGHT NOW!!! Well, don’t worry. Most vendors upload their certificates on their website, so that you can download them anywhere, anytime. Want a certificate for your Extreme? Visit our resource page!

Extreme Emergency #4: There’s a spelling mistake on my printed canopy. Help!

If you’ve ordered a printed pop-up canopy, make sure, and we cannot stress this enough – REALLY make sure that the artwork and design is correct. Check as many times as you need to. Get it proofread from someone else. Before you sign-off the print, cross-check every logo, color, word, and design to make sure that this is what you want printed on the fabric. If there’s still a problem on your delivered canopy, snap some pictures and speak with your vendor immediately to intimate them of a mistake with the printing.

The real lesson here is that, a stitch in time saves nine but we do stand by our words – anything that can go wrong, will go wrong. Until the event concludes, stay in touch with your vendor regularly. Make sure to buy your printed canopy from a trusted vendor who backs it up with an awesome warranty. Secondly, do your research before placing the order. Read google reviews, talk to other businesses, and talk to a couple of vendors to assess your options.

And if you still cannot decide, just pick up the phone and call Extreme Canopy. We’d be thrilled to talk about your event and suggest ideas for a printed, custom pop-up canopy.

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