How to Set up a Canopy by Yourself?

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A promotional canopy tent is an extremely effective way to advertise your brand or product. With Extreme Marquees’ state-of-the-art 6-colour digital printing services, you can get custom logos, brand slogans, website, and photographic artwork printed on your marquee roof, sidewalls, and valance. We also provide custom branded wave banners, flare banners, pull-up banners, pop banners, custom table covers, frame banners, superboards, peak flag banners, fence wraps, and much more.

Let’s Learn How to Setup a Canopy by Yourself for Your Next Event!

Step 1: Assemble all parts of your promotional custom tent and check them against the material list provided to see if anything is missing or damaged.


Step 2: Place your marquee in the centre of your setup space.

Step 3: Grab both legs of the frame and extend backwards. You’ll need a partner for this. Open around three-fourths of the frame by moving outwards. Do not push.

Raising the Roof

Step 4: Get the top on by tossing it over the partially extended frame. Align all four corners of your canopy top with the top corners of the frame legs.

Step 5: Now, unfurl the frame completely by moving backwards.

Securing the Canopy and Adjusting the Height

Step 6: Secure the canopy to the corners by tightening the strings or strapping the Velcro shut.

Step 7: After securing the top on the truss bars, click the lock on the valence to the top of the frame.

Step 8: Lock the connectors by lifting them upwards until the pins settle into position. Repeat this for the remaining three sides as well.

Step 9: Lift the front legs of the frame to the desired height. Do this on the reverse side as well.

Your promotional canopy tent has been assembled and set up.

You can further customise your canopy with an array of sidewalls, rail skirts, banners, flags, and signs – promoting your business actively.

Dismantling the Canopy

Follow the above steps in reverse to disassemble your marquee. Before placing the marquee parts in their corresponding carriers, ensure that the roof and frame is dry. Wet frame is vulnerable to rust and a wet canopy might breed bacteria and odour.

High Impact Visual Branding Solutions from Extreme Marquees

Our highly experienced professional design team will turn your logo and idea into an awesome event space which will proudly represent your business. We offer sophisticated 6-colour digital printing services with anti-fade inks over imported PVC polyester.

Let us know your requirements and get your promotional canopy tent express-delivered to you in no time!

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