Easy Ways to Display Your Brand at a TradeShow with Branded Tents

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Tradeshows are big, bustling events with a lot of people from the same industry trying to make their mark in an ever-changing market. If you’re attending a tradeshow, you need a plan to stand out. Otherwise, you’re likely to get swallowed up in the sea of other businesses and get passed up by the stream of eager trade show attendees. As the old saying goes: if your business isn’t growing, it’s dying. Ahead of your next tradeshow, it’s vital to develop new and exciting ways to present your organization at your tradeshow booth. You need to grow, and we’re here to help you do it.

In this guide, our event experts at Extreme Canopy give you several tips to make your tradeshow booth stand out from the competition with branded tents. We cover essentials items to purchase and steps to take to make your booth the best of the bunch. Jump into our guide below, and shop custom event essentials from our trusted manufacturers today!

Things to Give to the Masses at Branded Tents (Swag and Swag-Adjacent Giveaways)

Since the dawn of the tradeshow, people have been giving away swag (originally an acronym: Stuff We All Get) to tradeshow attendees. Swag typically comes in the form of affordable, mass-produce-able items that are outfitted with your organization’s branding. Free swag and at-booth giveaways are a great way to lure people over to your branded tents booth, and they do double duty by familiarizing people with your brand. Here are a few great swag ideas to use at your next tradeshow booth.

Pens, pencils, and other writing utensils

These small staples are one of the most common forms of swag seen at tradeshows. Pens, pencils, and writing utensils are not only affordable — they’ll also likely get used by the people who take them from their booth. The flipside is that pens and pencils eventually get lost, stashed away, or just generally forgotten about. Also, also because many businesses will be giving them away, writing utensils can quickly become a dime a dozen at tradeshows. If you’re going to opt for this type of swag, we suggest using bright colors or truly “loud” branding to make your writing utensils stand out.

Office supplies that don’t write

Office supplies follow the same principle as pens and pencils: they get used a lot. They also get used and stored in areas (like offices) where others might see them. However, there is much more to an office than pens and pencils, which means there are many more swag options to consider for your brand. Staplers, sticky notes, water bottles, mouse pads, and mugs are all office standards. Start there and see what else you can come up with.

Stress balls

Everyone stresses out at some point. In terms of cheap stress relief, there’s no better investment than a stress ball. Part utility and part novelty, stress balls are a great choice for brands looking get a bit more unconventional with their swag without breaking the bank. These soft, squeezable balls are lightweight and often-picked-up at tradeshows; however, many of them end up becoming kids’ toys. Again, we recommend picking bright colors and “loud” branding to ensure that your stress balls showcase your brand wherever they end up.

At-booth giveaways

Sometimes, your budget only allows for a small amount of cool branded stuff. Other times, you have a bigger budget and you want to invest in a limited supply of more expensive items. (Think branded thermoses, hoodies, backpacks, or even your business’s very own market.) Either way, consider making the most out of items in short supply by giving them away through an event. Giveaways not only attract people through the prospect of free stuff — they also promise fun and excitement: an event within an event. Host bingo, spin a big wheel, or simply schedule a raffle to give away your swag. People will show up for the event as much as the stuff.

Swag bags

Have you invested in a wide range of different swag? Do you have surplus swag from a past tradeshow? Invest in branded drawstring bags to package your swag and give it away as a prize. We recommend giving swag bags to those who show up to your tradeshow booth and sign up for your mailing list. Your swag bags can also be prizes in your give-away events (discussed above). With swag bags, sometimes the biggest return-on-invest comes from the bags themselves. Athletes, commuters, and students are all likely to use drawstring bags again and again. If you’re passing out good ones, you may just see them around town.

Signage for Branded Tents Tradeshow Booth

Your goal at a tradeshow is simple. You are trying to put your company’s name into the eyes, mouths, and minds of everyone at the event and beyond. Swag is a good start towards this goal, but it’s not the whole solution. You need something that will catch the eyes passerby, and prompt them to visit your booth. To do this, you need to make your tradeshow booth stand out from the rest. Here are some ideas to help.

Branded pop up tent(s)

Tradeshow booths are typically custom 10×10 canopy tent with company logo, 10×15 canopy or heavy duty 10×20 canopy. It’s no coincidence that these are also common dimensions for pop up branded tents: the common type of temporary shelter found at tradeshows. Affordable, lightweight, and easy-to-use, pop up tents are a great way to make your tradeshow booth more official. But don’t simply buy a generic pop up tent and call it a day. Invest in a branded pop up tent with your chosen color, text, logos, and even photos. This will make your tent stand out from the many others at your event, and it will give your booth a more official store-front feel.

Spice up your area with banners and canopy walls 

Already have a pop up tent for all of your tradeshow needs? Your signage shouldn’t stop there. Augment your branded tents with custom banners that stretch across the front and sides. You can also invest in branded back and/or side walls for your canopy tent to accomplish the same task. Options include both full walls and half walls, each great for showcasing your brand from 360 degrees and prompting more people to visit your tradeshow booth.

Branded table coverings


Are you attending a tradeshow that’s short on space? Maybe you won’t be getting your customary square footage and a tent simply won’t fit. If you’re in this situation, fear not: you can still brand your booth. Invest in a branded table covering to upgrade any table at your space. Table covers are great because they show passersby your name from the front and also remind visitors of your name with a tabletop decal once they stop at your tradeshow booth. Even if you have the square footage to spare, tabletop banners are a great way to add even more branding to the interior of your booth.

Flags and Pop Banners


If your specific tradeshow does not have rules forbidding expansion out in front of your tradeshow booth, then you should definitely expand with your signage. Feather flags, teardrop flags, and pop banners are excellent options for moveable signage at a tradeshow because they are small, easy to assemble, and eye-catching. Pop-up banners can go right out in front of your tradeshow booth to help physically divert walkers your way. Feather flags and teardrop flags should be put right near your booth on one side or another so as not to cause a tripping issue. They are both so tall and sleek that anybody walking the tradeshow floor will be able to see them. Freestanding and affordable, these signage solutions can also be used at fairs, festivals, and storefronts to increase traffic.

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