Custom Event Tent: Debunking Common Myths

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There are several misconceptions around buying and using custom event tent for outdoor party. As these are not frequently bought, so there aren’t enough credible sources or thought leaders in the temporary shelters industry. Things such as what kind of material should you go for, or what printing process is right for you, often get sidelined because of lack of right guidance and consultation.

In this blog, we discuss some common aspects pertaining to commercial custom event tent that often confuse our readers and customers. We’ll try to shed some light on popular mix-ups to make your buying experience good, and using canopies even better.

Myth 1: Steel is better; aluminum is weaker

While there are several materials available for making the frames of custom event tents, aluminum and steel are the top contenders. Most buyers believe steel is stronger and longer-lasting than aluminum, primarily because it is so fragile and malleable.

They cannot be further away from truth.

First, steel weighs more, so most manufacturers use less of it to keep the canopy weight manageable. This means, lesser quantity goes into making the leg profile. So, in theory, your canopy tent would weigh the same, yes, but this would be along with the weight of the roof. In reality, a steel leg profile is weaker and less strength bearing in the long run.

Aluminum, on the other hand, is lighter. So, more metal is required for the frame. This makes the canopy sturdier than steel, and longer-lasting.

Second, steel is more susceptible to rusting, especially if you use the canopy outside frequently or near water bodies. Steel undergoes galvanization, which is essentially adding a layer of paint over the top layer to safeguard it against corrosion. However, this is not a permanent fix. The layer starts flaking off after sometime, leaving the metal surface exposed to air.

With aluminum, corrosion is not an issue. The metal undergoes oxidation, which is a chemical process that converts the top layer into aluminum oxide. This protects the surface beneath against rusting. Since oxidation is not a separate layer, it doesn’t peel or flake off.

Our advice: Go for aluminum frame canopy tents. If material is your main concern, it is best to invest more into aluminum frames. Trust us – you’ll have less to worry about.

Myth 2: Why custom order when you can buy ready-made?

We talk to a lot of buyers and distributors every day; this gives us the privilege to understand the buyer mindset. A common conception is that spending more on custom event tents is not worth it, as the quality is pretty much similar to the ready-made tents available on shops.

On the contrary. Buying canopies is like buying cars. You get what you pay for. If this was indeed the case, heavy-duty tents would have never existed. True, the prices of personalized promotional canopies are a bit more, but it goes a long way.

personalized promotional canopies

Unlike cheaper canopies that are available on most local stores, our commercial canopy tents carry hefty warranties of up to 10 years. Does your store bought canopy capable of such a warranty? Of course not.

Myth 3: Custom event tents take too much time to be built

Some buyers stray away because of production speed. Personalized promotional canopies and collaterals do take some time, as they have to be printed, sewn, and tested for ensuring that your product is safe for using. Our strict quality check and due diligence makes sure that your canopy is perfect for years of use.

If you can wait 10-14 business days to receive your product, then the misconception of time is also false. It is always advisable to begin planning for any event at least a few weeks prior, so as to avoid last minute rush.

Myth 4: Damage frame equals new canopy purchase

Several buyers believe that if the frame gets damaged outside of manufacturer’s warranty, then repurchasing another canopy is the only alternative. This is not true; buying a full tent is not required at all. You can just order the frame or spare part. Requesting a spare or filing a warranty claim with us is as easy as placing an order.

Conpies frame or spare part

Myth 5: Outdoor party tents are useless in rainy weather

This is another myth that people have. Water-resistance, water-repellence, and waterproofing are three separate concepts.

Water resistant fabric can prevent water penetration to some degree. Water-repellent fabric is not easily penetrated by water – the surface being coated with water-repellent material. Waterproof fabric is impervious to water. This is where many get confused, therefore, it becomes a misconception that many hold. Most heavy-duty tents by Extreme Canopy hold up on the rain, and are water-resistant.

Myth 6: All canopies have one size only

A lot of people also believe that even the larger commercial custom event tent pack down to the same standard size of a 10×10 canopy. Again, this is not true. You can get a canopy in any size that you desire. We have printed canopies starting from 8×8, 10×10 custom tent, 10×20 printed tent and going all the way up to 200 feet!

Refer to this succinct table below for a quick recap.

Custom Event Tents
Misconceptions Truth
Steel is better Rusts over time, heavier, denser
Aluminum is weaker Will not rust, is heavier duty
Custom prints are not worth investing Covered by 10-year manufacturer’s warranty, will replace if anything happens to it.
Screen printing is used for branding. Printing done via heat sublimation dye; NOT screen printing.
Speed of production is a turn-off. Production time is 10-14 business days
Color of my logo goes as it is on my canopy. Colors on the screen vary from what can be printed.
Damage = Repurchasing whole product If there is damage to your canopy, you can just purchase spare parts.
Tents are not waterproof. Most of our canopies are waterproof and do not hold water.
Larger tents pack down to smaller sizes. Tents pack down to the sizes that you buy, our canopies start from 8×8 and go all the way up to 200 feet.

We hope that buying custom event tent will be simpler for you now. For any queries, contact us on our helpline 888 201 1968 or visit us at

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