Create Customized Printed Canopies with Sublimation Printing

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Sublimation dye printing is a popular method for etching high-quality, durable, and long-lasting logos and artwork on branded pop up tents.

Let’s learn more about this interesting process.

What is Sublimation Printing?

Sublimation is a chemical process where a solid changes into gas without passing through the liquid stage. Think dry ice, for instance.

Sublimation printing makes use of this concept to transfer the desired images, text, and artwork onto suitable materials directly from solid to gaseous state unlike turning to liquid first and then drying off.

The sublimation process uses special dyes for printing a mirror image of content and pattern on a transfer paper which is then placed over the fabric. Both, the paper and fabric undergo a heat press which transforms the solid print into gaseous state that permeates the pores of the fabric that open due to heat. Once the fabric cools off, the pores close and the gas changes back into its original solid state, becoming one with the fabric.

Typically, if you touch any fabric, you can feel the difference between the printed and non-printed sections. This difference is indiscernible in case of sublimation treated fabric, since the ink is embedded into the material, and not accumulated on top.

Dye sublimated printed canopy tents, therefore, have high-quality artwork emblazoned over them that is anti-fade, richer, and vibrant.

The Advantages of Dye Sublimation Printing

Rich, Smooth, and Continuous Print

Since the color transfer happens due to a chemical reaction, dye sublimation produces a continuous print tone. This leads to brighter and smoother colors that appear on the fabric of your printed canopy, which is far better than what inkjet printing achieves.


Fade Resistant Prints

Since the dye impregnates the fabric, the artwork becomes permanent and cannot flake off like other garment inks. This means that your canopy will withstand the test of weather and time, proudly showing off your brand.

Ability to Print an Assortment of Designs and Content

Unlike screen printing, dye sublimation can print nearly everything, right from a simple text to logos, intricate patterns, to full graphic artwork. Also, multiple designs in several colors can be printed per batch with dye sublimation which is not possible with screen printing. Moreover, dye sublimation printing matches the CMYK and pantone colors very closely, so that your printed pop-up stays true to your brand logo colors and themes.

Dye Sublimation Printing is Eco-Friendly

Because of its unique printing process involving solid ink, dye sublimation is environment friendly as well.

On the downside, dye sublimation printing has minor pitfalls that can be managed with adequate deadlines and by working with the right resources.

Dye Sublimation is Slower than Inkjet Printing

Since there are two processes involved during heat transfer of dye printing, the entire process is more labor intensive than the inkjet printing process. The plus side is, there are now printers that set up the fabric and paper inline into rollers while continuing the printing process.

Delays in Production due to Wrinkled Fabric

It’s not uncommon for fabric to get a wrinkle or grease on it, which ruins the whole transfer of print into the fabric. This means starting over. This is what deters several customers from getting sublimation printing done. However, with experienced professionals, this is never an issue.

Before you order your printed canopy, do diligent research. There are several suppliers who do not have the latest equipment or charge more per square foot. At Extreme Canopy, we have a sophisticated, state-of-the-art 6-color digital printer that transfers your artwork flawlessly to imported polyester fabric from Belgium. Our experienced in-house team ensures that you get the most vibrant and popping designs on your printed pop-up that will attract visitors to your event. Call us on 844 739 3735 to know more!


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