3 Offline Promotional Tips to Boost Your Online Business!

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What do the most popular businesses have in common? They are as well-known in the real world as online.

Jonah Sachs, prominent author and entrepreneur observes, “Your brand is a story unfolding across all customer touch points.” Unfortunately, most businesses focus either on digital marketing or ground promotions, and this is where they falter. The advent of internet has surely transformed the traditional marketing strategies, but that doesn’t mean conventional marketing is dead altogether.

  • 70% Americans believe direct mail is more personal than emails. In fact, direct mail is making a huge comeback. A survey done by a science-based marketing agency found that 75% direct mail receivers recalled a brand successfully as opposed to 44% email recipients.
  • Local businesses still find flyers and brochures as the biggest traffic generators. Physical prints generate a sense of trust, since they are harder to fake. Quite unsurprisingly, 56% customers find print marketing as the most reliable form of marketing. (AllianceBusinessServices)
  • OOH marketing (or Out-of-home marketing) such as signage, billboards, transit station ads, and ads on buses etc., is still relevant. OOH advertising registers nearly 101,465,994,516 impressions every week. (Geopath)
  • The importance of trade shows and networking events continues growing. 70% attendees convert to customers after an event. (EMI & Mosaic, 2016)

Creating an effective online marketing strategy is the need of the hour. But, it can be bolstered with a robust on-ground branding.

Imagine, a potential customer who sees your printed tent at a trade show he goes to. He visits your stall, examines your products (or services), and leaves his details with you. After a couple of days, he receives a thank you mail with a discount coupon or a free demo. What do you think is going to happen next? Now, if he had only received an email out of nowhere (or a cold mail, as they’re called), what do you think would have happened? Which scenario has a better chance of converting this potential lead?

We’ll leave this obvious answer for you to conclude. The lesson learnt here is that the best marketing teams leverage both digital and on-ground promotions.

Now that you know why, here are 3 tips to help you get started on your offline promotional strategy.

Tip 1: Flash your business with printed canopy tents

Display Wizard’s 2017 Exhibitor Survey reveals that 48% visitors find an eye-catching booth as the best reason to visit a stall and 71% SMEs got more business with face-to-face networking at trade shows.

printed canopy tents

Attractive outdoor custom event tents can really do wonders for your business at a networking event. You can use pop-up tents to emblazon your brand’s logo, tagline, contact details, and artwork. This will serve two purposes. First, your brand will be instantly recognizable from among a sea of promotors and second, you will receive the right kind of leads, as opposed to a slew of random email addresses that may or may not be your target audience.

Tip 2: Leverage your online presence to drive your offline campaigns

If your online game is strong, use it to redirect traffic to your on-ground campaigns. For instance, find out the most popular online image or most-shared product from your social media page. Next, get a printed canopy with this image as the focal point. And finally, lead your next field campaign with this image on the forefront. This will create a cohesive brand experience and help your audience connect the dots between your online and offline interactions with your brand.

Tip 3: Create targeted print ads and branded merchandise

Chances are, you already know your neighborhood and the kind of customers you want. Colorful printed ads play on the psychology of onlookers and help them register your brand either by observation or subconsciously. You can also go for branded merchandise that will up your promotional game tremendously.

Winning the brand game both digitally and offline is the future of marketing. Start today, and start right now – with branded pop-up tents and promotional gear from Extreme Canopy.

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