15 Tips to Weatherproof Your Pop-up Tents

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Don’t let downpour, clouds, or blazing skies ruin your big day.

Most event organizers don’t even count weather as a risk factor while setting up pop-up tents or outdoor wedding tents – until the heat becomes unbearable. Or it starts raining. After all, who’d have expected rain in February? Extreme heat or heavy downpour can neither be predicted nor controlled. But, you can be prepared.

It’s better to be safe than sorry. Weatherproofing your logo canopy or pop up tents can considerably reduce the impact of natural elements on your event.

Ask yourself ‘what if’ while planning. If you want to place fire pits outside – what if there’s a strong wind? The solution is to add a lid or block the wind with a tarp.

Here is some more food for thought:

  • What if it starts raining during the middle of your event?
  • What is the Plan B for inclement weather?
  • What if the winds are just too strong?
  • What if there’s extreme heat towards afternoon?

We asked our experts for tips to create a weather contingency plan for you. Plan your next event with peace of mind.

When it’s terribly hot and sweaty

Outdoor custom event tents are extremely popular in California and Australia, where it can get intensely hot. Keep the interiors cool with these handy fixes.

Tip #1: Add detachable or roll-up walls to pop-up tents

roll up walls pop up tents

These can be removed or rolled-up to let air inside. Make sure to fold at least two walls for allowing cross-ventilation.

Tip #2: Keep a cooling system in place

Add a fan and an AC unit inside the tent. Regardless of how hot it gets outside, your guests will be relaxed and cool inside.

Tip #3: Ensure that beverages are readily available

Station jugs of ice water at every entrance and exit and encourage your guests to keep themselves hydrated.

Tip #4: Factor in the tent layout

Set your seating in where everyone can enjoy the breeze. Erect shade umbrellas near the entrance and install portable blowers to circulate cool air. Keep your tent windows towards the west, so that the evening sun doesn’t warm up the inside of the tent.

Tip #5: Get those creative juices flowing

Don’t be afraid to improvise. Give paper fans to your guests as favors, to keep themselves cool. You can also add deodorant in the amenities basket in the restroom to keep sweaty odors at bay. Oh, and don’t forget to pack enough ice to keep the beverages cool and ice-creams refrigerated.

When it’s raining cats and dogs

Rain always plays a spoilsport, and is perhaps the biggest menace to outdoor events. You might be expecting bright sky and balmy outdoors for your big day, but it starts drizzling instead. And soon, this light drizzle turns to heavy rain and thunderstorm. What to do now?

Tip #6: Only buy waterproof, heavy-duty tents

A waterproof fabric prevents water from seeping inside and soaking everything wet, and a robust framework ensures that the tent withstands strong gusts of wind.

Tip #7: Ensure that the floor is sturdy

Have a proper flooring system in place that provides water drainage between floor boards and grass. Carpeting won’t cut it out, because water from the ground will soak it wet; making it perilous for walking.

Tip #8: Keep the roof guttered

Outdoor events are extremely fun, until it starts raining. Then everything goes down the drain – literally. But trust us, you’d feel much better with a canopy gutter in place. Add gutters between marquees, toilet blocks, and separations, to keep the covered area dry and water-free.

Tip #9: Don’t forget umbrellas and raincoats

You’re going to need plenty of umbrellas to shelter the guests outside and stock spares for additional guests. Create a separate space to keep wet raincoats and umbrellas so they don’t trail water everywhere.

Oh, and don’t forget to round up jumpers, shawls, and blankets; rain can bring down the temperature considerably.

When it is windy

Nothing ruins an event faster than uprooted pop-up tents, flying like giant kites. Strong winds can lift outdoor wedding tents and pop-up tents, and cause them to collapse – there’s a high possibility that they’ll injure someone or damage nearby property.

Tip #10: Anchor your tent to secure it in place

Stakes are affordable and lightweight. They provide excellent anchorage over grassy and sandy surfaces because of the resistance they offer when combined with ratchet and ropes. For all other surfaces, you can use water and metal weights, sandbags, and buckets.

Tip #11: Don’t leave your canopy partially erected

If you place partially erected outdoor custom event tents with walls and roof in high winds, they will be blown away, for sure. Instead, leave a tent with the frame up, with roof and walls removed. This way, the wind will blow through the inside without lifting the structure.

When it’s icy and snowy

Snow is surreal and it provides a stunning backdrop for photo and video shoots. But the biggest problem with it is the inevitable delay in erecting outdoor wedding tents, pop-up tents, or inflatable tents for parties. How to find a way in such a scenario?

Tip #12: Keep Plan B ready

Did it snow overnight? Delays in setting up the tent will be inevitable. Make sure to have a contingency in place. Maybe you could take your guests in a nearby building for the time-being.

Or how about reserving two different spots nearby, one for wedding and the other one for reception. If it starts snowing during the ceremony, your guests can stay inside until the tent gets ready for reception.

Tip #13: Stock adequate fuel and heating

If it snows, you’re going to need at least two heaters with thermostats for your tents. Heat your tent gently at first to avoid condensation. High heat can cause water to drip all over the floor.

You cannot put diesel or gas inside pop-up tents, so make sure to keep the heater and fuel pipe insulated. Be updated with the weather. If the snow is forecasted overnight, fire up heaters on low setting to prevent snow from logging on the roof.

Tip #14: Snow shovels to go

Winter service vehicles might not be able to reach your event venue in time. Keep snow shovels ready for removing snow off the site for the tent to be pitched.

And the last tip.

Tip #15: Don’t forget to have fun

Wind, snow, or water – don’t forget to click photos of guests and visitors having fun underneath your tent and logo canopy. After all, you must have memories to cherish and reminisce later!

Want to know more about how to weatherproof your outdoor custom event tents? Or looking to buy new pop-up tents and inflatable tents for parties? Browse our online store or call us at 888 201 1968 to place your order!

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